Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011 Recap

[Another month come and gone - AND late to record. Thank goodness for backdating!]

It’s that time again! Another month has passed us by and it is time for a recap. So why do I do this? First of all my memory is terrible and often find myself wondering when such and such happened. Second of all I love lists and information. Third of all I believe I am a type A personality. Enough said.

Here's a look at our month:
Entertainment – what we’re looking at , listening to and going to!
Books, Magazines, Blogs read:
· Finished audible book Animal, Vegetable, Mineral by Barbara Kingsolver. I really enjoyed this book and it goes right alongside a lot of the other reading and listening I’ve been doing this past month. I am reading and investigating being more of a locavore and this book was very encouraging. I found her reasoning for eating meat versus becoming a vegetarian in Ch14 very intriguing and insightful. I’m going back to the paper version to reread parts.
· Hiding Edith – I saw this book at the kids book fair and signed it out from the library. It is a junior non-fiction about a girl that was hidden during the holocaust. I find these stories fascinating and this one was no exception. It is part of a series so I plan to read more.
· Perusing Scrapbooks etc but finding there wasn’t a lot of time for magazines this month – e-versions preferred.
· I finished all of the back posts for – huge inspiration. It has also led to a few other links
· I’m still keeping up with my top10 as well although more like my top 5!

TV, Movies, Live Entertainment:
· Being Erica and Arrested Development were all we had time for. I also found we just sat and did internet searching a few times together
· We did watch Shrek 3, HSM 2 and Star Wars together AGAIN! Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 (better than I thought it would be!)

Daily Happenings& Special Events:
· Cierra in Spring Fever dance for school and city
· Waterfront Festival with church (RAIN!!!)
· Theoren’s 8th birthday party at their house (gave him a tetherball set); Cierra hurt ankle
· Celebrated Don’s birthday with family
· Sexuality workshop at work
· Great Wolf Lodge (7-8th)
· Dinner with girls (Beaches) (8th)
· Church golf tournament (11th)
· Church bridal shower (12th)
· Mom out to lunch for Mother’s Day/ birthday
· Cierra prom! (17th)
· Matt to L’s 9th birthday party – gave $25 Toys ‘R Us gift card and smarties
· Cierra graduated! (29th)

Travel (1 hr plus):
· Cobourg (4th-5th)
· Niagara Falls (7-8th)

Financial/ changes to the house etc.:(gifts, renos, big purchases, household purchases)
· Pool opened (5th –cover, 9th – chemicals)
· Consultation for painting first floor!

Health/Development/ Exercise/ Extra Curricular activities:
Drew: baseball, running
Alison: *, walking, running
Cierra: hurt ankle*; x-rays, CT scan; Dr appointment
Matt: baseball-baseball-baseball!!!
Marlee: Mitchell: 3 new molars (15th, 18th, 27th); walking!; EC – a few dry nights! Sleeping a few 5 hour stretches otherwise the same. Liking to eat more casserole type foods – all mixed together. Loving strawberries and grapes and processed snacks – working on that!

Accomplishments/ Disappointments (Goals): (Gotta Do’s, Wanna do’s; OLW, projects)
· Dinner out – Puck ‘N Pizza (used Wag Jag), Il Buco (used Wag Jag)
· Crock-pot recipe for chicken and mushroom soup
· More purging!
· New/ revisited foods – fiddle heads – yuck! And iced tea – yuck; rhubarb – not bad!

All Around Us/ Other (News, Trends, Births, Deaths, World Events, City News Etc): nothing comes to mind

Friday, June 24, 2011

June Good Food Box

I recently picked up the June Good Food Box. As usual it was a steal for $10. Iopted out of the potatoes as I still have the ones from last month. This is what I got:

English Cucumber
Carrots 2lb
Parsnip or bananas
Green pepper
Green onions

Yum yum local goodness!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Missing In Action. Yep that's me. Like I just noticed on my sister's blog, I haven't felt all that chatty lately. That and we've been super busy....

I'll be back soon to write about...

  • May recap

  • Drew's 1/2 marathon run in Ottawa

  • visit to see Sean

  • did I ever write about visiting Sarah in South Carolina????

  • Cierra's birthday

  • LOAD recap

  • wondering if we'll ever get to put up the tether ball set, the basket ball set or the trampoline that is sitting in the garage

  • Cierra's "broken" foot

  • my latest obsession with a new blog I came across and exploring our own carbon footprint

  • our trip to Great Wolf Lodge

  • looks like it will probably be the June recap by then too!

Until then, a few recent photo faves!

Marlee and Autumn taking a [cool] dip.

Matt and Theoren in deep discussion.

Cierra eating a fireball (yes she was warned it would be HOT!)

The family enjoying the outdoor water area at Great Wolf Lodge (that's Marlee int eh pink in the background).

Mitchell enjoying some watermelon.