Monday, May 31, 2010

I was so thankful for the pool today. I had the day mostly to myself, actually did a little run and it was so refreshing to just cool off. And you may ask how I was able to do this?

Awww - a sleeping baby! A successful transfer to the carseat for a sleep (doesn't happen often yet!)

And then by the time school was done we had rain. Lots of it.

Still a good day.

Run Drew Run!

We are back from our marathon weekend away. Well half marathon that is. I'm not sure in all honesty whether Drew really enjoyed having us there with him but we are proud to say that he completed the half marathon in Ottawa yesterday.

He and Glenn ran 1 hour 49 minutes and 33 seconds. He was 1959th out of all 9207 participants. 1481st out of 3876 men; 284th out of 691 men (aged 35-39)

It's been a long time since I've travelled with an infant and this was a big learning curve. It took us considerably longer then we had anticipated - primarily because Mitchell does not seem to like his car seat. I should have thought about the fact that he slept ALL morning (5 hours actually) and tried to keep him awake. We were just too busy trying to get to see Drew and all the excitement following. We had planned to stay late at the hotel and swim some more but the pool was closed for maintenance. We ended up not having to pay a late fee and headed out. Of course he woke up shortly thereafter and while we wanted the kids to see the Parliament buildings before we left we settled in a parking lot to feed while the kids wen ton a short tour. They got snack foods. 45 minutes later we drove by the buildings with Mitchell starting to fuss in the back. About 5 stops and 7.5 hours later we made it home. Pheww!

Memory Monday - Tornado

I heard on the radio this morning that it has been 25 years since the tornado came through this way. Wow! 25 years! At the time I was babysitting Andrew and Jennie just down from our school. I remember it getting all dark and the power going off but not really knowing what was gong on or even being concerned. I don't remember what I did but I guess I kept the kids entertained. Most of the damage happened on the other side of the lake - not where we were. We mostly had regular storm damage. My mom was just coming home from Innisfil - apparently just a few minutes ahead of the storm - again not knowing what it actually was. Poor Sean was sitting on the porch crying waiting for someone to come home. A lot of devastation took place - it apparently cleared the future area of our work place. It moved the time frame up almost a year because a lot of the work had already been done. Crazy.

A memory I keep getting mixed up with this one? Back earlier that year, part of the big maple on out front lawn came down on the balcony. Fast forward to August and we ended up "entertaining" some people who came by to help out with the wreckage from the tornado. One helped cut up the tree while another helped my mom plaster the hallway with the scaffolding. I remember her telling us that she had prayed that no one would come by this weekend - she had so much work to do. God had a plan that helped her get it all done anyway and meet some nice people. For some reason I keep thinking it all happened the weekend of the tornado. Why? I don't know. I've never been known for my memory-keeping skills. Hopefully this will help me keep it clearer.

On a completely unrelated note other then memory Monday - prayers and thoughts go out to Kim, Kerry and all their family who are missing Jon, gone now for a year. Blessings guys.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Run Drew Run!

We are back from our marathon weekend away. Well half marathon that is. I'm not sure in all honesty whether Drew really enjoyed having us there with him but we are proud to say that he completed the half marathon in Ottawa yesterday.

He and Glenn ran 1 hour 49 minutes and 33 seconds. He was 1959th out of all 9207 participants. 1481st out of 3876 men; 284th out of 691 men (aged 35-39).

Can you see them in the picture?

Can you still see them?

And still?

It's been a long time since I've travelled with an infant and this was a big learning curve. It took us considerably longer to get there and back then we had anticipated - primarily because Mitchell does not seem to like his car seat.
THIS is typical:
I should have thought about the fact that he slept ALL morning (5 hours actually) and tried to keep him awake. We were just too busy trying to get to see Drew and all the excitement following. We weren't sure where we would be able to see them and spent some time wandering around. We finally settled on teh bridge. In hindsight, nwext time we will scope out a spot all togther. Still, we saw them and it was good.
Afterwards we had planned to stay late at the hotel and swim some more but the pool was closed for maintenance. We ended up not having to pay a late fee and headed out. Of course he woke up shortly thereafter and while we wanted the kids to see the Parliament buildings before we left we settled in a parking lot to feed while the kids went on a short tour. They got snack foods. 45 minutes later we drove by the buildings with Mitchell starting to fuss in the back.

But they did see them...

And then we were off.

We had to make a few pit stops... one of which was the side of the road...

A few more in between and then the Big Apple.

Where we showed some sibling love at the bottom!

And some love at the top!

And while I was feeding Mitchell...

A whole lot of mini golf poser shots (no mini golf played mind you!). It's great what fun you can have with a camera (and spend A LOT of time doing!)

Sooooo, about 5 stops and 7.5 hours later we made it home. Pheww!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mitchell is 2 months old!

Another month flown by!

Mitchell is now weighing is at 12lbs 5 oz and measures 61.5 cm long (May 17th).

Exciting things this month?
  • Your first concert - MW Smith at Queensway cathedral. You pretty much slept through it but everyone enjoyed themselves. And yes we added some ear protection.
  • You had your first minor cold ( runny noes and the odd sneeze but not much more)
  • We celebrated daddy's birthday and saw Matt in his play production at church.
  • You had your hearing checked - all is good (May 3rd)
  • We got together with Uncle Sean and his family (May 15th)
  • We had a visit with Scott, Tawnya and James (16th)
  • We celebrated Cierra's birthday (20 on the 19th)

You are still preferring to spend most of your time with mommy. We have fussy periods later at night but you are having a hard time going down on your own. You have slept once or twice on your own during the day. We tend to snuggle together and cluster feed in the late evenings until mommy goes to bed (and sleeping with us allows mommy some sleep too). Daddy is lots of help but you often don't want him. We are using cloth diapers and they are working well but you pee A LOT! We are also trying EC - lots of successes but it isn't always easy to read your cues. We aren't on much of a schedule but mommy enjoys using the laptop so we can spend lots of time together. We get out to walk every day to get the other kids from school. You enjoy the clings and Andrea's flat stroller that you can lie down in. I wouldn't say that you have much of a routine at this point. You are certainly loved from all around though!

[Journaling added Feb 9, 2011!]

Memory Monday - TV

Drew and I caught up on Lost's final episode tonight. It was really good but I have to admit that I still have more questions then answers. I'm glad that it brought closure to the series and I was so happy to see all the different people come back together. The ending wasn't what I anticipated but Drew says he thought it would end that way. No spoilers here though.

Following this blogger's lead, it made me reflect on other tv series that we have watched that have come to a close and think about how they ended. It is so much better when the series actually ends rather then being cancelled. The shows are such a part of your life that it almost seems like you know the characters. At the time you think about how much you will miss it. And yet time goes on and now it is difficult to even remember what we watched.

Some of my favourite shows that had closure: Dawson's Creek; Everwood; Alias; ER (great finale!)

Book series: Left Behind

Some shows I wish had "ended": Dirty Sexy Money... and I know there are more but I can't remember! Maybe Memory Monday will help me!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time's a wastin'

Wow! Mitchell fell asleep when we were snuggling with Marlee and actually transferred to the bed where he is STILL sleeping! (that is 2 1/2 hours now). And I bet you're wondering what I did with that glorious time? Laundry? Housecleaning? Thank you cards? Receipts on the table from the last 3 weeks? Scrapbooking? Time with my husband? Nooo. I did nothing. Literally - well I guess I did talk a bit, and surfed a bit - I did find a few new recipes to try. Homemade yogurt or granola bars? But alas, as I reflect, I really could have used that time more wisely. And now my eyes are saying it is time for bed. Oh well.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

J is for Journaling - LOAD Day 12

Today is all about journaling...

Do you tend to tell stories or skip the journaling? A bit of both. Depends on the theme. A lot of my scrpabooking is single photos that I like - not necessarily a story with them more just a capturing of LOVE.
Do you handwrite or type your journaling? If I can use the computer I will. I don't HATE my handwriting but I don't liek tthe way it usually turns out - crooked, style changes halfway throough - you know what I mean.
Do you start with the journaling, or is it an afterthought? A little of both. Again, depending on the photo. I write a lot of little tidbits that the kids say but then forget where I put them or what context they were in. I need to get better at that.
Do you like a journaling box or lines, or do you like to go free-form? I prefer guiding lines - definitly!
Is your journaling a design element or is it just hanging there like a necessary but not too attractive page element? I try to make it balance - if there really isn't a spot for it I will tuck it behind or write on the back.

So I'm back! Done early and there is even some journaling on the page! TFL!

The journaling reads:

Sadly, we finally had to say goodbye to Cierra’s HM backpack this week. We purchased it at the beginning of the school year but slowly it has been deteriorating over the last while. First the handle came off, then the strap has just about come off, and finally the zipper pulled apart. To say it was loved would be an understatement. Cierra used it not only for school but no matter where we were going you could be sure that she would ask “Backpack?” Given the answer, you can be sure that all of the magazines, CD’s and movies that were current favourites would be stuffed in there to go wherever we were off to. Lately she has been asking for a New Moon one (which I have yet to see in the stores). We are thinking however, that at 20 we may go with a more subtle one - and one that might last a little longer. Rest assured though, HM will be missed.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LOAD day 8, 9, 10 and 11

I'm still plugging along with LOAD - some days are easier then others. I've surprised myself and done a few paper layouts as well. I can tell when I'm just throwing them together though - even the "quick pages" don't come together well. I DO need to put some thought into them.

Day 8

A scraplift from Kim Moreno; Creating Keepsakes Top Ten issue 2006
paper - provo craft; brads - making memories

Day 9

Cucumber? G is for Grouping...
A loose bit of grouping...
letters - dollarama
Journaling reads - Yes - that's you eating a cucumber! What happened to that guy? Now at 7 (actually for several years now) you won't touch cucumber. But here's proof. At one time you did like it! Believe me now? Matt

Day 10

Journaling reads - Always ready to pose - especially after your aunt has teased your hair. She can always get a smile out of you!

Day 11

Journaling reads: Thanks to Melissa, team adidas was dressed and ready for the terry fox run - happy to be a part of such a worthy cause! Sept'06

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

A while back I had talked about how cool the iphone was and how the few friends that had it really liked it. And how it might be cool to get. So then for Christmas or my birthday (?), Drew and the kids gave me Rogers gift cards to put towards an iphone. In typical fashion, I hummed and hawed about it, did some more research and decided that despite the cool gadgets and such, I really didn't use my current phone enough to warrant upping my monthly fees just to play with some doodads (as cool as they look). So we ended up using a majority of the cards towards renting movies and shows (Prison Break final season yah!)

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and we were at our niece/ cousin's 8th birthday party where she was touting the praises of the itouch. Of course I had no idea what this really was either. After some discussion, well the kids and I were hooked of course.

After a hint or two (although some Designer Digital gift certificates would have been fine too), surprise surprise - what did I get for Mother's day? I'm so spoiled! Thanks guys! Now I just have to figure out how to work out the account and all of our other ipods. The kids are using theirs increasingly so it looks like I might have to start a separate account. I'm not really sure why we can't have more then 4 "machines" on an account. It does make life more difficult around here.

Oh and remember MacGyver? I was so into that show! He was cute, so smart and the things he could do with bubble gum! Amazing! Well season 1 and 2 are now in my possession. I did ask Drew whether he was willing to watch them with me or if it was just going to be me. He assures me he'll watch them too. We were telling Matt about the show - I hope that it is old enough that perhaps the kids can watch it too. We will see.

Any other MacGyver fans? Remember the killer ant episode?

And another BTW - Drew had the itouch engraved saying Prov 31:29. Isn't that sweet?

I am now being called out to play hockey with Matt as we wait for Drew to return from his 18 km run. Mitchell is sleeping... I'd like to be getting rid of some paper piles... but it's time to be a mother right? (and the paper will STILL be there!)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Load Day 5, 6 and 7

Well I didn't get around to distressing anything - digital worked out much better for me. I did have some time to play and prepare today though so I was happy about that. Here are the layouts I submitted for the last few days.

Day 5

Journaling reads: It’s been over a year now since we lost Ralph. I think about him a lot - our Sunday night dinners with mom and dad, his high raised hand and hand shake greeting, his too big cowboy boots, his traffic vest and his regular questions about our family. I learned a lot about Ralph at his funeral. A lot I wished I’d known earlier. About how he’d gotten to know my dad and the number of people he had affected in our city. I knew he knew a lot of people but it was so touching to see SO many people at his funeral. I learned a lot about my dad too. About his relationship with his own brother and how Ralph filled a bit of that void that I never realized was there. About how truly gracious he is and what a role model he can be - for working with people with special needs and touching people’s lives in amazing ways.
Dad performed the funeral and in summary noted the following:
Ralph lived a life of faith & hope. He was always ready to tell his story. He always asked for prayer (often at inappropriate times – but really is there ANY inappropriate time?). He was always so thankful for what people did for him (to the point of embarrassment). He still had a goal to live on his own (totally) and he still wanted to get married.
Thank you Ralph for your testimony and your presence in our lives. We miss you! Thank you dad for your role model and for your grace. You have and continue to touch lives.
“Keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters. Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!"
Hebrews 13:1-2


QP template danimoy designs
font - Comic Sans MS
photos #1 - 08 09 07; #2 - 07 12 25; #3 - 09 01 05

Day 6:

Source: Delicious Scraps QP

Day 7

Sources: 09 05 19 Cierra 19th bday p1The daily Digital birthday template
papers and embellishments - klund oh happy day kit


Add Image

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hearing test passed

Mitchell passed his follow-up hearing test yesterday. I was a little worried (just a teeny bit really) after the concert last week too. The music was quite loud even though I took precautions. Thankfully all is fine. He slept right through it like a charm.

The woman asked me about the other kids and if they had passed their tests at the hospital. Shamefully I couldn't remember, although upon further thought I don't recall going to the hospital for follow-up other then when Marlee was starting speech. Hopefully this blog will help me remember or at least keep track of some of these details a little better. Not that interesting for anyone else though - sorry!
On a side note - The woman wasn't at all put out by me asking to take a photo and said that some moms have even asked to take the electrode covers home. I couldn't ask after that although I do have them from other things that the kids have gotten done! Since I'm moving into more digital scrapbooking I'm beginning to reconsider the amount of "stuff" I sometimes save. Drew should be proud.


This is the first time Mitchell was put down in a bed and fell asleep on his own! Yey buddy! I'm all for this attachment parenting and baby wearing but even in a wrap it is hard to move around sometimes. I put him down after lunch yesterday and he fussed for a quick second, I rubbed his face a little and then went to answer the phone. When I got back he was asleep (and he slept for 4 hours, until after the kids were picked up - even better). The stroller bag is great for this. Now if only it could translate to the after dinner hour!

Load Day 5 - D is for Distressing

It's 10:30am and I have some me time (with Mitchell in the wrap). The question today is about distressing. I like to ink my edges, sometimes add some paint too but generally I think I like to keep it pretty simple and clean. I find it a bit of a nuisance to get all of the suppleis out to just "play" and since I tend to scraplift more often then not - I'm less liekly to just play and actually like the results. It tends to take me too long to get other people's results and that isn't worth my limited time for now. I ahve clipped lots of layouts that oneday I might try to lift...

As for today? I'm going to play it safe and do a quick digital layout and then if time permits? I'd like to push th envelope a little and play. I'll let you know about the results!

Back later!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Load Day 3 and 4

Day 3's layout


Paper - GM designs
Ribbon - ami collifello - round with ribbon (Pixel gypsy design)
font - CK leisurely

Day 4 Challenge: "Create a layout with cardstock only, no patterned paper, no embellishments, no doo-dads. You can use letter stickers or stamps or letter rub-ons and a pen and ONE other thing (but not patterned paper)".

I pretty much did followed this challenge - before even reading the prompt. Yey me! It's a daily adventure to see how I'm going to use the VERY limited time I have to actually scrapbook. On the surface it would seem I have a lot of free time - I am at the laptop it seems all day long. However I also have this little one attached to me - literally - most of the time. Scrapbooking doesn't seem to be lending itself to one finger typing. I did have Drew load Photo shop on to the laptop but I haven't been able to coordinate all of the flash drives and photo CD's and all that to actually use it yet. Maybe one day soon?

Anyway, enough of that - I did manage to finish this layout with only a few comments from Drew - yes I had to come back twice (11:30 to put the stickers on and scan and then 12:00 to upload) after thinking I had Mitchell down for a little bit. But no. Mitchell has this thing with not wanting to sleep in the evening (any time after 5pm?) and also with major power feeding. He also won't stay with Drew for any extended length of time. What can I say - I know he loves me and only I can provide for him right now? I know that all too soon this will change and he'll "love" other people too. Somehow that doesn't quite sound right...

Here is Day 4 - Simply irresistible

I think I'm going to go back and see if I can move the letter stickers. I couldn't space them out as much as the original design once I got going but now I'm thinking....

Sources: Bazzill Basics paper, letter stickers unknown and chipboard letters? dollarstore.
Scraplifted from scrapbooks etc July 2007 p 104

And to answer the other Cardstock questions:

1. In terms of base coloured cardstock - I tend to match the photos but my favourites tend to be neutrals 9 black, white and tan of some sort.

2. Yes I try to match some elements of the photo with the cardstock.

3. Sometimes I mat sometimes I don't. I'd say more often I do.

4. I'm an 8.5 x 11 more often if I want to print out the journaling on the paper or run something through the computer. I'll often put the 8.5x11 on a 12x12 background after I've printed. If I have more photos I tend to be a 12x12.

5. If I had to choose one colour cardstock - I'm ALWAYS using white. For journaling, for matting for background. That would have to be it.

There you have it!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Freak Fests!

It seems we've all been having our little freak fests this past week - hopefully we are on to calmer seas now. On Wednesday Drew was out and Matt was at play practice so I was on my own to get Marlee into bed. Quite suddenly I was exhausted so I thought I'd pretty much go to bed while snuggling with Marlee in our bed. She doesn't tend to quiet down well this way though and I was getting increasingly frustrated. Then Matt got dropped off and it got a little worse. Since I couldn't snuggle in two places at once I suggested he come to my bed too. But he doesn't like music to sleep to (and neither do I) although Marlee does. And the list went on. Finally I just had enough, sent Matt to his room and stomped off (quite literally) to Marlee's room to sleep. This naturally got her quite upset and after I'd taken a moment, I called her in and apologized. I forget sometimes how sensitive my Marlee-Moo can be.

Fast forward an hour when Drew got home and wanted to discuss the next day's plans (did I mention we were going to see Smitty???) which I was just too tired to discuss. So he turned on his heals and left.

Then fast forward to Friday when I failed to communicate and be available for communication (as I couldn't hear my phone) regarding picking Matt up from his play practice. After a long unneeded (is that a word?) discussion - conclusion? Yes My bad. But Drew did have a bit of a freak fest. My fault but he still had one.

Now on to yesterday - Matt woke up too late to eat breakfast with Drew and was not happy about it. He CRIED for 20 minutes! Then in the evening he was"angry" (again crying for 15 minutes) because I said we couldn't go ahead and have Drew's birthday cake without him (he was late golfing) - even though I had said earlier we would have some.

So, other then Marlee it seems we all had some freaking we had to get out of us. We have all seemed to survive - let's hope we are done that for a while.

It seems to be a combination of control (or lack of) or not liking or dealiing well with change. Now the question becomes how do we deal with it?

He slept on his own!

whew! I just got a few hours where Mitchell slept in the stroller bassinet - inside! This is like the second time that this has happened - he has slept outside at the park but most of the time here
  • dusted the first floor
  • put away my and household laundry
  • finished zucchini cake
  • tidied first floor
  • tidied master bedroom
  • sorted some clothes given and loaned to Mitchell
  • drain treatment (again!) for the master sink
  • reorganizedMarlee's closet to allow space for (some of) Mitchell's things

And where were the kids during this? Playing with Bendaroos, making a scavenger hunt for Kyra with the playdough eggs and then playing with playdough. And now, we are doing tidy up and about ready for lunch and Mitchell is about done his! Let's hope the afternoon goes just as well!

May LOAD "Just so you know"...

So I love that my husband reads my posts. And then I forget that my husband reads my posts. He came downstairs yesterday and asked if I was insane? And I didn't have a clue what he was talking about. And then, Oh yeah.

So, why did I join LOAD with a newborn? Well first off I joined over a month ago when the registration fee was discounted and I didn't have a newborn. And I thought I could do anything. And I had forgotten what it was like to have a newborn. But now the time is here and hey, I'm still going to give it a try. Why?

Because I like to scrapbook. I like to preserve memories. I'm enjoying getting into the digital layout and trust me - some of them are VERY fast. Am I going to totally hold myself to the Layout a day challenge? I hope not. Some days are difficult. But I also find this relaxing. I enjoy being creative. Will I try to do it mostly during the day? Yes. Do I want it to negatively effect our lives? Of course not. Lately it just seems if I don't have the "push" to do it, it doesn't get done. And I miss it. LOAD reminds me that I can do a little bit each day and be happy with the results. I can let go of some of my perfectionism and just "do it".

And remember - I like simple, I like sketches and I like scraplifting.... It is still our photos and our memories. Still might think of a better "s"...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Drew!

Happy 38th to my Doo!

We had a rather low-key day. Drew left early to go for a 17k run (way to go!) and then came back to french toast and bacon by request. He speedily ate his down and then picked up Matt from his sleepover to take him to church so he could be there early for the play. Cierra and Mitchell and I then rushed to get to church on time and watched the performance. The kids did a great job - even better then yesterday. They seemed to be more confident and clear with their voices.

After church we stopped at the library quickly and then headed to lunch at Drew's request. He got a cool Adidas Star Wars t-shirt from Melissa and money to go towards his new barbq thta he'll be picking out soon. Otherwise he got wine gums from us. Both families were with us and we of course seemed to take over the place. We got home just before 4. Matt wanted to have a play date however no one was available so we all just hung out. I got some computer time! The kids and I headed to Macs for some milk. No one was hungry for dinner until later so of course they all got to bed late. As you can see, very low key - but I hope he was okay with that. Oh - and we didn't get the cake done in time so it will be iced and ready for bedtime snack Monday. It will be an interesting birthday creation - just wait and see!

May 2010 LOAD!!!

Yes I'm insane. I am going to make another go of it and try to do a layout a day for the next 31 days. With a 5 week old infant. Crazy. At least it felt like it yesterday when the little guy got no more then 10 minutes sleep at a time between 5 pm and midnight. Ahhh! It does make working on the computer a little difficult. Thank goodness for digital quick pages and templates. They will be my saving grace.

The format has changed this time around and involves looking at a blog rather then daily emails (that is if you want to follow the prompts - I don't usually as I often have something else in mind). I'd like to try to answer the questions though - it may lead to inspiration for another day.

Today, we are "to pick three adjectives to describe your scrapbooking, or what you’d like your scrapbooking to mean, represent, or include. Create a page with these adjectives as titles or journaling, or just incorporated into the creation of the page".

My immediate thoughts are "simple" and "sketches" as I don't like to get to busy on a page and I can't seem to create much on my own - I am a definite scraplifter - hey maybe that should be my 3rd word (and it goes with the "s" theme lol!) I'll continue to think about that.

Here are my pages for yesterday and today.

Day 1

Source: Katie Pertiet, Friends

Day 2:

Source: DAGI (


Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 2010 Recap

Better late then never! Here's a quick look at everything that took place this month!

· Exercise – pretty much nil. No lifting over 10 lbs, no stairs etc. I started walking the kids to and from school a few days a week at the end of the month; Drew is running on a regular basis with G
· Books, Magazines Read – Early Potty Training; The Christmas Box, The Timepiece, & The Letter by Richard Paul Evans
· Entertainment – TV, Movies, Live events seen – Sherlock Holmes movie; Couples Retreat; LOST, NCIS; Parenthood; Barbie Mermaid movie; Magic Show Gr Theatre; The Time Traveler’s Wife; 30 Rock; 19 Kids and Counting; A Perfect Day; Blue Smoke; Michael W Smith concert at Queensway
· Special Events – Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival; jewelry party
· Travel – n/a
· Significant/ unusual purchases, gifts / changes – got Samantha a Wimpy Kids book with some cash (idea from Everybody Loves Money)(with Melissa and Jan)
· Health – recovering nicely from C-section