Saturday, March 28, 2009

These are a few of my favourite things...

Yesterday at MOPS they presented us with a number of items that were donated as favourite things. We then discussed our own personal favourites amongst our own tables. Here's a list of a few of mine:
- snacking treats? - sour soothers, wine gums, mike & ikes, hot tomales, shortbread cookies, vanilla oreos, decadent chocolate chip cookies
- scrapbooking supplies - dollar store adhesive - for the price it really does work well; WeR Memory Keepers leather d-ring albums; Photo Freedom book by Stacy Julian;
- My mini do-it -yourself brag books (meant to have on eto give to each of the girls but I ran out of time)
- 12 Dancing Princesses movie and 7th heaven Season One episodes
- Mommy time devotional book
- Glysomed hand cream and ahava foot creams are the best I've found
- Francine River books
- websites mentioned in previous posts like; scrapbooking blogs;; Proverbs 31 ministries blog

- and my ultimate favourite "thing"? I just have to say that the Flylady has changed my life - I showed my control journal which is related to my favourite meals binder, my routines, my timer, my calendar - MY LIFE!!! She has changed my life so much. I feel so less busy, I feel much more organized and in control. God Breezes flow regularly! I'm so glad she taught me to FLY!

Such a fun thing to do!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Camp Out Living Room Style!

We decided to have a camp out tonight (idea created by JR a while back). The kids were totally pumped! As soon as the daycare kids were gone we had quick showers and dinner. They then settled in for the movie (they'd been wanting to see Enchanted again). Marlee was priceless! She was so ga-ga over the princess and then covered her eyes for the dragon scenes. We paused for intermission so that we could make some schmores over the stove and some popcorn. When the movie was done we read stores in the tent by flashlight and then bunked down for the night. Definitely a success and I can't wait until it is warm enough to do it on the outside deck!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day!

We don't really know a whole lot about St Patrick or why we celebrate here but for us it's all about celebrating green and doing things a little differently for a day. We did the typical decorating - some shamrocks on the door arches and a wreath, green table cloth, dishes and food of course. Matthew refused to wear green (considering he will only wear 3 pairs of his pants that wasn't a big surprise), Marlee looked quite sweet - especially adding the multi-coloured tights. We did have Lucky Charms and green grapes for breakfast, green pancakes and peas for lunch. Not quite the same to do a green dinner for only Drew, Cierra and I. Oh well - it was fun while it lasted! The kids have now gone to Ya-Ya's for a sleepover and Cierra is already in her pj's so it is just Drew and I for the yearly photo. It only took three takes to get rid of the double chins!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Showers of blessings

I attended a shower at church last Sunday for a bride-to-be and the gift my mom and I gave was a hit amongst the ladies so I thought I'd share. I called it a "Bride's Bag of Essentials". I based it on a gift that I got from my wedding shower called "The Duty Duck" which was basically an assorted group of kitchen things that were shaped into a duck. Everything was placed in a dollar store roasting pan with things propped into a yellow dish glove and draped with a dish cloth to look like a duck.

I decided to base mine a bit more on personal experience. It was as follows: (mostly from the dollar store). Each one had a hand-written tag with an explanation, held on with a metal shower curtain hook.

  • a large brightly coloured plastic re-usable bag (I like to be environmentally friendly and we might as well make it fun!)
  • a squeegee for the shower (with a quick spray of vinegar and water and a swipe, you won't have to scrub)
  • a digital timer (you can do anything for 15 minutes - see to see what I mean)
  • an assortment of kitchen gadgets (spatulas, spoons, flippers and measuring cups (we all need kitchen gadgets)
  • brightly coloured chip clips [they need to be fun colours] (I use them for chips, crackers, fruit, candies etc)
  • fancy rubber gloves (if we have to wash dishes we might as well have fun and keep our hands wedding day pretty)
  • microfibre dust cloth (again environmentally friendly - no chemicals needed)
  • massage cream (no explanation necessary)
  • candles (for the romantic evening)
  • a scrapbook album for the wedding - 8x8 with spots for photos and journalling and explanations
  • a casserole dish (for potlucks of course)
  • pampered chef pot scraper (pampered chef is great and these little discs do double duty as spatulas or dish scrapers)
  • cutting mats (roll up ones from the dollar store - ideally one each for veggies, fruit, meats and breads)
  • a binder with meal preparation information (this one received the most praise) - it was binder with plastic page protectors and plastic page dividers that accomodate them. At the beginning was a note explaining some things (see below). There was also a sheet with headings of all the different types of protein (Beef, poultry, pork, meatless, other), and the names of recipes or foods that are "tried and true" family favourites. Each divider had the same heading with recipes behind it in page protectors. These are favourite recipes and I included ones that our family likes in particular as well as how to roast a turkey and make turkey soup. Many of the ladies really liked this idea and want to make it themselves! I like the page protectors because you can take it out of the binder, let it get splattered, wipe it off and put it back. If you don't like the recipe you replace it!

The letter in the binder describes how I sit with Drew on Sundays and plan next week's activities and meals. Then I check throughout the fridge (cleaning as I need to) and the house for what I need to shop for or use up. I then do my shoping and errands on Monday's. We have found that this saves us time and money. It's also nice to get input from the family as to what they want to eat. For meal plans I get ideas from flylady, saving dinner and fixing dinner websites. We obviously have our favourites as well which I incorporate.

I was a little surprised at all of the attention given to it - really just an assortment of every day things, however a few ladies said that the expertise of experience is really what is priceless. Nevertheless, it was very nice to hear - and as I told them, it really isn't a big deal when you enjoy doing it. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Just talked with grandma a short while ago. She's waiting to see if my cousins are able to take her to see grandpa at the hospital. Even though she's not sure that he is always aware of her being there, I believe it helps to just be together. It really is hard to think of her being dependent on others. It makes me want to have her here so much more, especially with me being at home these days. As it is we'll need to wait til summer.

I was looking at some pictures the other day and these two just keep talking to me so I thought I'd share. They've just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in December.

I love this one of them kissing - they are in their kitchen on Whalen St.

This one is at Little Rock by the cottage - we used to take "hikes" there all the time (probably 5 minutes from the cottage). So many good memories there.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Simple Woman

This may be harder then I thought - I was gone from the house til 5 pm and then right into routines. But here goes (as I thought about it in the car home)
The Simple Woman for Sunday, March 8, 2009

Outside my [car] window...Snowmobilers on the lake - I can't believe the ice is still strong enough!

I am thinking... I still really want to walk across the lake and it's beatuiful out
(8 degrees!)

I am thankful for...our 12 year long marriage

From the kitchen...wonder what's for dinner, let alone lunch since I didn't have any!

I am jeans, orange Eddie Bauer pilling sweater (it's getting old =( )

I am creating... an post to share on my blog about shower gifts

I am going... home

I am reading...still my clutter cutters book with a few new ones to start soon

I am hoping... that the house is quiet

I am hearing... worship music

Around the house... I don't know yet

One of my favourite things... giving a shower gift people are excited about like the scrapbook and the meal planning binder!!!

A few plans for the rest of the church admin, journal your Christmas!, labels for my stamps, curtains for Cierra's room

Friday, March 6, 2009

I was THAT mom this morning

Yep - I was THAT mom this morning on the way to school. The mom that's yelling at her kid the whole way. It was brutal. We started off on a good note. We were leaving on time - with time to spare even. And then there is the stick. We have had this stick hanging around for a few weeks now - really no big deal. The kids like to poke the snow with it. But today Matt was being aggressive with it and of course Marlee was being oversensitive and the slightest word offends her. So we deal with it. We decide to take the wagon but as the kids pile in with the bags, they are already wet and getting the bags all wet so I decide we can all walk. Marlee needs to adjust her boot though so she stays on. Woah! Huge injustice and it excalates from there. Life just isn't fair, Matt NEVER gets to ride, how come Marlee does yada yada yada. Well reasoning didn't work; pointing out others that are younger and always walk didn't work, pointing out that he often rides in the stroller or wagon didn't work, being silent didn't work (he kicked at the wagon, pulled at my arm) so I fell for it - first of all he's not getting in now with that attitude, then I started removing priveledges and then the yelling. At least I'm pretty sure it was yelling. I look back now and just want to crawl into a hole. The poor guy - I don't know what was up but I didn't hanbdle it well at all. I hate it when I am that mom. That being said - I am at a loss right now - I'm home more - I'm with him more but his aggression this week has been awful. I'm just not sure what to do with it. AHHH!! But hey - I resolve to apologize after school (to him and the other kids) and yes, he will have to have some alone time but we will also have some quiet time together. And some prayer. C and I will take in some puzzle work and chill. I just don't know somedays...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Simple Woman - March 1

Wow - a new month! Being a Sunday, I am going to start a new goal for Sundays only - to add a bit of a change for the journalling. It comes from The Simple Woman website.

For today...Sunday, March 1

Outside my window... it has gotten dark after a bright and beautiful sunny day.

I am thinking... still a lot to do and not a lot of time left in the day.

I am thankful for... so much but specifically right now? warm gooey brownies fresh from the oven.

From the kitchen... well the brownies of course, and rice krispie squares - finally

I am wearing... my red and white pajamas (the kids are in bed now - comfy time)

I am creating... a new blog post and considering what to do for the new LOAW challenge

I am going... to watch TV very soon

I am reading... the last chapter of "How Did I Get So Busy?"

I am hoping... to be able to go for a run tomorrow and that it won't be too cold.

I am hearing... Drew laugh in the background

Around the house... all is quiet

One of my favourite things... warm brownies (a little obsessed I think)

A few plans for the rest of the week... some safe church and summer camp prep! Finish up some nearly finished projects.

February 2009 Recap


Books read: n/a

Celebrations/ Events to Remember:
- Cierra met with brother (2nd)
- Snowtubing
- Ladies Night
- Winterfest
- Pig Roast
- Pancake Supper
- Dinner out with R
- Load 2009