Monday, January 26, 2009

Productive weekend!

Yey! We finally got around to rearranging the kids rooms. Marlee got all of the old stored clothing out and Matt's former bunk bed set up. She loves it! Matt got my old trundle bed (30+ years and still doing great!) and while it is skinnier than the bunk bed he likes it too. This is until we can get him a proper bunk bed system as well. It's funny how we think we are being so logical when we make purchases... We originally bought the crib because it can be made into a double bed later on but it just hasn't turned out to be practical. If we could do it over again I would probably have gotten one that goes into a twin or something from IKEA. I've seen a few good ones since then. We still want to get some of the TROFAST systems for each of their rooms and then limit the toys and papers to what can fit in them. Friends of ours use them as the steps up to the bunk beds which I wouldn't mind as well. While I love the PAX ones in Marlee's rooms they really are pretty big and she doesn't need that much storage. We still need to work on her closet though.

Saturday night I was able to get out and do some scrapbooking! I was actually productive and finished a few projects (project 365 cards, some page kits from SofJoy and Sunday School planning). My only regret was that perhaps I should have saved some of the page kits for the upcoming LOAD class - they were so quick! I happened to get home later than planned and unfortunately Drew was still up waiting for me so he could take the dog for her run. I guess he hadn't heard me say that I would take her out, even though I hadn't planned on being late. So needless to say he was not pleased - and I can't say I was either because the dog wouldn't poop! I was out for 10 minutes - came back in - Drew told me she needed to poop before bed and when out for ANOTHER 30 minutes (by now it was 1:30am) and she still hadn't so I said forget it. We carried on this discussion in the morning! But all is well now.

On Sunday we had church - I got to teach so Marlee was happy. We headed out early for skiing (I was wondering why but we stopped to let out mom and dad's dog) and got to class on time. It was a beautiful day - sunny and crisp. Actually a little colder then we realized but we got 8-10 runs in so it was good. Matt got to ski his first blue square run and Marlee came up the chair lift after her lesson (first time!) and did the family run with Drew and I. The first time was a little sketchy but she was better on her second run. Matt was too cold to do more but stayed with Nana and Poppa in the chalet. I even worked up the courage to do the black diamonds - which evidently here are not as bad as some of the other places I'd been. I'm not sure what I was afraid of! So all in all a great weekend - I love productive ones where the kids actually feel we spent time with them!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy National Popcorn Day!

Another national day and in case you are wondering - "During medieval times, special holy days on the church calendar were customarily marked in red to distinguish them from other more ordinary days throughout the year. Today, the phrase "red letter day" refers to any date that holds special importance in a person's life-and when you begin to look for your own red letter days, you'll open the door to endless and unique inspiration for your scrapbooks" See here for the complete info on this class.

Soo, last week it was mentioned that today was National Popcorn day and well, popcorn is another favourite of mine. Lots of memories. Unfortunately today no one was really up to eating popcorn - Marlee has been sick and coughing and Matt was just a bit busy (or should I say consumed) on the computer. C? well dancing was on her agenda. But we did have some on Friday (hence the picture).

What does popcorn bring to mind?

  • Seasoning salt - especially salt and vinegar

  • Big bowls - one for each of us!

  • Microwave or more recently air popped

  • Has to have butter (or at least half butter and half margarine)

  • Oil popped on the stove at the cottage

  • Getting the big box at the theatre so we can dump it and put the seasoning on

  • Has to have a pop to go with it (or at least some juice - but pop is better)

  • Don't care for the extra butter at the theatre

  • Movie theatre popcorn is the best

  • Getting kernel shells out days later (even after flossing!)

  • Tradition started as a young child

  • Cheap, easy

  • Jiffy Pop once in a while as a treat

  • "Put your kernels in the bowl and let them get hot - sizzle-sizzle-sizzle-sizzle-sizzle-silzzle-POP!" (great parachute game)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Winnie the Pooh Day!

In light of the fact that it is National Winnie the Pooh Day I thought I should post on that - I have loved Winnie the Pooh for a very long time. I began collecting memorabilia for years before I had the kids and eventually decorated Matty's room with it (yes) a few months after he was born. Every year that we drive to TBay we stop to say hi to his "home town". One of these days I will have to do a comparison layout. For now I will have to suffice with this post. I have to say I do prefer the "classic" winnie over the more contemporary - I think it is the pastel colours and "softer" look. It pains me that I have to start purging some of the items I bought for Matty's room. He just isn't into him like I am and (sigh) is growing up =( I will still keep a few pieces in my office just for me though. That and the classic book of poems. That is mine. Anyways - for all you Winnie the Pooh fans - happy Winnie the Pooh day! And if you are ever in White River, Ontario - stop in and say hi to him! Thye've also got a cute little museum and gift shop!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Aunt Elsie turned 100 today! My parents are up in TBay celebrating at the nursing home with her and our other relaives. She has received a number of certificates and is being visited by a number of politicians including.....

For me it goes beyond the celebration - it just makes me wish I could sit down and talk with her more - of all that she has seen, all that has happened in her life. Can you imagine all that she has seen in her lifetime? So much has changed! Now we have cell phones, computers, cordless phones, digital photos, instant developing, microwaves, refrigeration, freezers, ovens, cars, television!

I only get to see her once a year and that time is usually very quick. She doesn't want to talk a lot and she complains about her health a great deal of the time (she actually seems quite healthy). She never married but has been very close to my dad's side of the family. Unfortunately, over the last few years she just isn't seeing her worth. When she needed to move into the nursing home, I think she may have felt abandoned but her level of care definately necessitated the move.

I am just in awe - and I am promising myself that the next time I see her I am going to be more specific about the time that we spend together!

Friday, January 9, 2009

for such a time as this begins

'Life moves pretty fast; if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Ferris Bueller was right - it is moving fast! Too fast! I've been a lurker on a number of blogs now for a year or so and I've decided that 2009 is time to join in the action. And so I INTEND (an alternative to resolve) for this to be:
  • a place to journal
  • a place to share my scrapbooking
  • a place to improve my writing
  • a place to showcase our everyday life (a response to project 365)
  • a place to share with family
So here it is - our life - hope you enjoy the ride, for such a time as this.