Saturday, February 13, 2010

Israel LOAD page

Here is today's LOAD - I 've been wanting to do a layout on my Top Ten Memories from Israel that I talked about here. I'm not sure that I love this one - I'd like to have all the journaling on the page so I may fiddle with a different template. But for now - this is it.
fonts - tempus sans ITC and Verdana
Papers - LivE_EZ-PZT01-paper; KPertiet Classic Embossed Christmas-1

Olympic Opening Ceremonies revisited

We watched the Olympic opening ceremonies from last night this morning. Some of the kids comments and observations were worth sharing:

The kids were intrigued by the fiddling and the strings flying off the fiddles.
Why is there no singing? (Regarding the tap dancing)
They thought the maple leaf formation was cool
Wow it looks slippery - she's running fast! to me asking How is that girl flying? It's ropes mom!
Is that man wearing shoes? (KD Lang)
Terry Fox's mother got a head knod
That type of singing is opera. Marlee - Oprah?
Wayne Gretzky - we asked Matt if he knew who he was and he wasn't sure. Drew explained and Matt confirmed "Yes He is very good at hockey!"

And then our hopes were dashed when the PVR stopped taping before the event was over. It stopped as the towers raised to be lit. Ooops! It looks like we'll be trying to catch the final lighting on you tube. Stay tuned! That is the disturbing thing about PVR - it doesn't take into account overtime. At this point they aren't realizing they missed anything though.

I'm impressed they sat through it and wanted to watch the whole thing - waiting patiently for the torch (I'll admit we fast-forwarded through a few acts), and Marlee did keep asking about Teletoons though. Lego Atlantis will have to wait until the afternoon.

Olympic Games - Go Canada!

We sat as a family and watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games tonight. I think it is the first for me in years. It was really neat to see the kids so excited and aware and full of questions about what it was all about. They waited patiently (well sort of) for Canada to come into the stadium with their athletes (I forgot that Canada would actually be last since we are hosting - after explaining the whole alphabetical routine). They were excited that we were number 2 in number of athletes in the games. They wanted to stay up and watch the rest but at 10:30 pm we said that was enough. It would be taped. I hope to be able to catch more of the games this year - in the past I haven't been all that interested but since they are in Canada, I certainly do feel the pride of being Canadian. Go Canada!

Friday, February 12, 2010

My life now - my present

My LOAD for the day: I finally followed up on Stacy Julian's challenge to reflect on "the present" we did back in October 2008.

Sources: flowers - Got flowers; ribbon - unknown; ink - color box; punch - mcGill and fiskars; letter stickers - unknown and dollarama;

Journalling reads:
In October 2008 Stacy Julian challenged her blog readers to make ourselves a “present” where we would take a look around us and document our lives at the present time. We were to make a mini book and promise to carry it with us for a year – taking it out to remember and reflect often. In one year we would document what we've observed and celebrate what we've learned. As she says, “It's never too late to give yourself a "present" so you can more fully appreciate the inevitable flow of life”.

{Stacy} says “I suppose if we had a motto, it would be this: You can glance back anytime and look ahead everyday, but there's only one present, so choose to be where you are, now. Today.”
My mini book noted the following:
· It’s all about family. We are so blessed – happy – healthy – home
· Appreciating life for its beauty, its colour, its peace in our lives
· Baby steps – you can do anything for 15 minutes – routine-routine-routine. Thanks for helping get rid of the CHAOS
· Routines – dishes, lunches…gotta love it!
· [kids] getting so big!
· Learning – growing
· Always someone here
· What would we do without friends?
· Life has it’s bumps and bruises, its ups and downs but it’s amazing what can be created in the process
· We keep on moving forward and keep out lives full of colour and life!
So here we are a year later. It was a good exercise – I did carry the book in my purse and looked at it often. The kids saw themselves too. Seeing the everyday makes us realize that while there have been and will continue to be changes, more often than not, things remain more the same. Routine is a big part of our life and we take whatever life deals us. God is a constant and gives us the tools to face the days. We have loved and we have lost. We are above the CHAOS. We are still growing and learning. All in all I LOVE OUR LIFE!

Monday, February 1, 2010


I walked the kids to school today as I usually do and went on to walk the girls to their side. Matt was already off interacting with a friend. I went up to him and told him I was taking the girls over and could I have a kiss goodbye? He was pretty preoccupied so I pretty much hugged him from behind and then started walking on saying "Have a good day... see you after school". He then stopped what he was doing, and came over and hugged me and said, "I'll never not kiss you - unless we are out of time!" and then gave me a proper big kiss goodbye. I told him "Wow - thank you so much" - and high fived him. What a kid! I know plenty of moms with much younger kids who have stopped kissing goodbye at school already. Trust me - I'll take this as long as I can! It totally made my day!

February 2010 LOAD challenge

I've done it again! I've joined Lain Ehman's LOAD challenge to do a layout a day for the month of February. Here is my first one - I quickly went digital when I realized that half of the photos I developed for this layout were horizontal instead of vertical. I want to catch up on Cierra's yearly review photos like I did for the M & M - and give them as gifts for her family at Christmas. I gave 2009 in a frame this year but need to go back to the other years that she has been living with us. I also figured it would give me some good layouts to try digitally. This one took all of 30 minutes!
PS - one of these days I'm going to get to some backtracking so check back a few days for the month of January and I may get around to filling you in - I just like to keep chronological though.

Janaury 2010 Recap

Another Monthly recap - I've just moved all of my recap posts from my 365 blog to this blog so that I can keep it just for photos. I want to get it printed out and I found that just doesn't help with the flow.

As I have reviewed my past posts and worked at transferring them I've come to the following realization - I am not very consistent! My goal this year is to keep the style similar for each post (headings in the same order, maybe use colours etc) but be more consistent!

This also inspired me to actually go back and type out my yearly recaps since 1997 - the year we were married, all in chart form. I love lists and it was really interesting to see what all we've done! It helps to see everything all together!

Anyway, on to January's happenings!

Books Read:
- Blue Smoke
- Living Financially Free
- The Perfect Day
- The Carousel

Movies & Television Watched:
- Prison Break Season 4 completed
- NCIS, Office, 18 Kids, 30 Rock, Heroes
- Starter for 10
- Echelon Conspiracy
- The Invention of Lying
- Transformers

Special Events
-Julie D grad from OPP college
-Cierra first time down hill skiing
-Painting Party at church
-Jan birthday
-Matt skating lessons

Significant Purchases/ changes to home :
– debt, debt, debt

Illnesses/ Health concerns:
- Drew had 3 more moles removed