Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making Progress

Yesterday (I think) I made great strides with Mitchell's elimiation comunication. It was him and I and we just took it easy. I've noticed that some of the times he is crying (after being put down for a second) he is actually saying that he needs to go. So I did follow that lead several times and had A LOT of successful catches. But man he goes a lot! It seemed like I would be there, he'd go and then we'd leave the bathroom and he'd squirm and utter a cry and back we'd go. They weren't all successes but I certainly feel we are making prgress!

Back home with news!

Mom and dad made it back from the States where they were visiting Sarah and John. It sounds like they had a successful trip. As usual, we asked if they could bring us some treats we can't get here. They didn't let us down!

Some of the loot they brought included
  • Cherry Coke
  • vanilla coke
  • Era
  • Yogurt covered Cheerios - Strawberry & Banana
  • Fruity Cheerios
  • Chocolate Cheerios
  • Kraft dinner - Sponge Bob and Toy Story

So I'm just wondering why we don't have these things up here? Don't get me wrong - I do like to get a surprise or two from down south but what is the deal? Either way - thanks mom and dad - we will enjoy them!

On another note, my sister shared some exciting news! Check it out here!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mitchell is 1 month old!

Wow - it is hard to believe that our little guy is already a month old! Crazy!

This month we have been spending most of our time getting used to each other. He is a good nurser and LIKES it for a LONG time. We camped out most of the time in the living room and at 2.5 weeks we started moving upstairs for bedtime. He is liking to stay with us where ever we go so independent sleep is not happening much. He is enjoying using the slings and the snuggle time they allow. We have the playpen and portable basket as well as the change table all set up in th eliving area to avoid extra travel.

We had 2 doctor's appointments (March 31st and April 12th) and 3 weigh ins (March 29th - 7-15; March 31st - 8-6/ 54 cm and April 12th - 9-9/ 55 cm). He is doing great.

We spent Easter Sunday at the farm and then to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner with Drew's family joining us as well. Our next door neighbours had a baby girl named Josie on April 8th. It will be nice to grow up with some playmates. We went to the Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival and have had several friends visit. We made it out to church and the odd errand but have generally been taking it easy. The daycare kids are all still coming with the help of Grandpa John and Nana Jan. Mommy's first walk to school with you was April 16th.

Generally everyone seems to be in awe! I still can't get over the fact that you are here!
[Journaling added on February 9, 2011!]

26th out of 168!

Drew participated in his first race today and came 26th out of 168! He started running in November with Glen and they decided to train for a 1/2 marathon in May. To be better prepared they decided to do a 10K race today in Aurora. I was prepared to go watch but after asking a few times I really got the feeling he preferred to do it on his own so we went on to church. (I can understand actually). Way to go Drew!
Since I don't have any race pictures I'll share a few related pics...
The cool running attire...

A slimmer, skinny Drew...

I really noticed it in these clothes - he's noticing his pants are getting looser!

I can't wait to get back into running but unless my eating habits change I'm not likely to see the same results. It might also be good to find a motivating running friend like Glen!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This might be a bit more difficult then I thought...

I just downloaded all of my pictures thus far from both cameras... hoping to work a bit on a week in the life before Mitchell wakes up. He's had an awake morning but finally settled down for a bit after lunch. But I hear a little peep upstairs. I thought I might have 10 more minutes but it will have to wait a while longer. Til then!

PS - Can you believe he is 4 weeks old today? Here is a quick pic.

And btw - I may have that 10 minutes - he was just stretching.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A week in the life - Wednesday

Another day passed and another day documented.

I was reminded on Ali's blog about taking the time to actually be in the moment. I'm not sure that I've done a lot of that today. Case in point? Matt took a wipeout (not overly serious but hurt his pride nonetheless) and when I thought he was "okay" I took a photo. He was not impressed and asked why I always have to take a picture. I responded by saying that while he was just upset, one day he can look back on this and laugh. He didn't think that it was funny or would be. Maybe not. But I could be a little bit more sensitive. Point taken.

The other point taken from her blog was to remember the conversations and the feelings and emotions - not just the what. I hope to focus on that tomorrow since I have a few more kids home.

Either way, I am enjoying the process.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Week in the LIfe

This week I am going to be attempting to chronicle a week in our life a la Ali. In many ways similar to Project 365 but much more detailed and for the whole week. So far I have taken quite a few photos and I have done hourly journaling. The big task will be to actually find the time to edit it and post. It just took me 1/2 hour to type out today's details (at times with one hand with Mitchell). It is so much easier to do it on the desk top rather then Drew's computer - but not so easy with the little guy here.

Regardless, I hope it will be cool to look back in a year and see how much has changed - I'm thinking specifically regarding Mitchell. How neat would that have been to have a complete rundown of my Grandma's week? Maybe one day the kids will get a laugh when they look at this.

So I DO have to complete this one. Luckily I really like Ali's format and it shouldn't be too hard to replicate. Hold me to it!

Here's a few photos from today!
Trying to set up the bouncy chair for Mitchell.
Preparing apple crisp for Out of the Cold (last one for the year!)
Finding a crock pot recipe for the Pork Butt Roast we got from Julie.
Drop box at the library - 3 DVD's 3 days overdue =(

Kristy treated me to a pedicure =) It was so nice to be pampered!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Things I had forgotten

I had forgotten how much laundry a new baby creates - I had pretty much had laundry under control but it seems I've had to add a few more loads each week - not only his clothes but my own from spit up and pee and sheets and towels. The list goes on.

I had forgotten how much I like to use bibs and how handy they are for saving on laundry.

I had forgotten how much I like routine - and babies don't allow too much for this. Oh well. This too shall pass.

I had forgotten how soft and cuddly your own little one is. I don't tend to be a "baby" person but when it is your own. Well that changes.

I had forgotten how having a baby in the room can change the whole scene.

I had forgotten how quickly a baby changes from day to day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Story of Stuff

I came across this video on my travels yesterday. Woah! Very thought provoking. I KNOW our family has too much stuff and we do try to do a lot of the listed "suggestions" but it really makes you think about what we are doing to our earth.

I'm challenged again to look at my Gotta Do List (which I haven't been thinking about at all!)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I get it - it's a joke!

We ran around doing some errands today - primarily with the goal to get Matt his goalie chest pad and Marlee and Cierra their scooters. After several stores we did finally get them.

On our way we passed one of the local cemetaries where Marlee noted that Grandma and Grandpa are there.
We said no, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma are buried in TBay.
Then Drew piped up "People are dying to get in there" LOL!
Marlee then said "What? I don't get it!"
Matt piped up "Oh I get it. It is a joke! The people are dead and are going there OR it's like they are dead and they really really want to go there."
Smart boy. What a dad.

That led to a conversation on death, cemetaries, cremation and heaven. All because Drew did a "hillarious" joke.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Capturing the everyday

I was flitting around a number of blogs over the last few days and one of them linked us over to this video. Let's just say it brought me to tears (It doesn't seem to be taking much these days though does it?). Anyway, it affirmed for me AGAIN, the importance of doing Project Life/ Project 365 or whatever you choose to call it. I love doing it and I think the kids love seeing it and being a part of it - but I need to print it off and make it more visual so that they CAN actually see it. Otherwise... what is the point? I'm already seeing how quickly time flies since Mitchell has been born. It's only been 2 weeks but he has already changed soooo much! That's where the video really hit home. Check it out!

Potty Progress!

So I haven't explained it much yet (if at all?) but I am attempting to use elimination communication (EC) with Mitchell this time around. Basically aiming to go diaper free as soon as possible. I'll admit that it was a bit ambitious for me to think that I could attempt to start it from day one, in the hospital. Not when I could hardly move. So fast forward to day 5 when we got home and yes I've been trying to hold Mitchell and catch his "cues" as much as possible.

So far I have learned that he is a good pooper. He likes to go at least 2 or 3 times while I am nursing him. Therefore out came the potty and/or the silver bowl. Not the easiest to hold mind you but I'm getting better. The whole point is to see when he is going and to start "cueing" him with a sound or action - I've chosen a grunting noise for poop and a "Tsss" for peeing. I make these noises when he is going so that eventually when I hold him over the receptacle or toilet and "cue" - he will go on his own.

Fast forward to yesterday - he went on cue for me 4 times!!! Unbelievable! It was really quite cool. I don't know if we are at the point that this will save diapers (we've had to have the diaper service come early both weeks because we have used all the ones we have), but I feel we are making progress! Drew is not impressed that we used the sink so I'll have to work on that.

I've been reading two good books about the topic from the library and there are a few good websites if you google "elimination communication" or "diaper free". The books are Early Start Potty Training by Linda Sonna and Diaper Free! The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene by Ingrid Bauer.

BTW, we also decided to go with a cloth diaper service (since there is one locally) and the experience so far has been worth it. As I mentioned, he goes through them rather quickly - often soiling one as I'm changing him! The service has been very accomodating but it does take some getting used to. When he wets he is definitly wet so I don't let him sit in it for long - if at all. This is actually supposed to help with the potty training though - not allowing him to get used to the feeling of being wet or dirty which disposables can sometimes do. Either way, I can tell that it is going to be an interesting learning experience.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have spent most of the day doing...

...nothing. Except watching Mitchell that is. I could watch him all day. A few people have mentioned how different this little guy will have it - since our other guys are older and out of the house a few days a week, I will have this little guy all to myself for a lot of the time. And I am a different parent now then I was when I first had Matthew. A lot more relaxed. A lot more knowledgeable. Hopefully a lot more in tune with what he needs. And so far it's cool to just sit and relax and get to know him.

That's not to say that the house and everything around us isn't driving me a bit crazy. When I knew Mitchell was going to be entering his sleep time I did get a few of those nagging things done - not as many as are on my mental TO DO list though.
  • sweep stairs and upstairs hallway (check)
  • vacuum upstairs bedrooms (check)
  • wash bathroom floors (check)
  • load of laundry
  • put away large booster seat that has been on the pool table for three weeks
  • put away easter bucket and decorations
  • do a blog post (check)
  • put carpet back in front hall
  • take library books back
  • do thank you cards
  • SCS scrapbooks for auction (that's coming up soon!)
  • figure out where to put Mitchell's accumulating wardrobe (we'd figured out about sleeping but somehow forgot about his "stuff")

This not being able to lift is starting to have its toll. And I don't want to burden Drew too much with a honey do list when he gets home too. So I'm practicing my patience. It will all get done in due time.

We could get used to this...

...eating like kings every day that is. Our small group (initiated by KG) arranged a week of dinners for us soon after the baby was born. I then found out this week that my sister also arranged for a few days of meals as well. I will be highly recommending that we continue this idea with any other babies born at the church or amongst my friends. Also amazing is that each meal was actually enough for at least one more if not two. Right into the freezer for the next week! What a blessing it has been!

Last Sunday everyone (I was still in the hospital) had a meatloaf from S&C.
Monday (home day for me) was turkey pot pie with strawberries from A&A.
Tuesday was a yummy chicken and broccoli casserole with a fruit tray and dip from K&S.
Wednesday was a pork roast with roasted potatoes and asparagus from C&A.
Thursday was lasagna and salad from G&C.
Friday (Good Friday) was quiche and KFC with trimmings with the H for lunch - which carried on into dinner.
Saturday was some of the leftovers (there are LOTS - mostly put into the freezer as we knew we were getting more food daily).
Sunday was spent at family's places and we also got leftover lamb and ham for future meals.
Monday started the meals from my sister (organized from South Carolina none-the-less) - we had another amazing Pork roast with potatoes and veggies.
Tuesday brought an Asian theme with noodles, broccoli and beef as well as Caesar salad and bread.

I wonder what tonight will bring?

Monday, April 5, 2010

A conversation from grandma about Matt...

Before the kids went out on the Easter egg hunt Grandma asked you “if we had 24 eggs and 3 kids, how many should each kid get?” You figured out that each kid should get 8. So when you were outside at the end of the hunt you realized that you had 9 and Marlee had 9 and so without anybody prompting you grabbed one from each of your baskets, without even looking at whether it was the best one or not; you just grabbed one from yours and Marlee’s baskets and stuck them into Cierra’s basket and then you all came in.
Grandma thought that was really neat. Most kids your age would need some prompting but you didn’t – you just did it and did it quietly and everybody went on their way. She had meant to comment on this at the time but didn’t. So she called to tell you - because she thought it was something to be proud of. And we are!

Happy Easter!

I was beginning to wonder whether Easter and all its trimmings was going to make it around here. The kids were eagerly talking about the Bunny coming and the (3) Easter Egg Hunts that were going to be a result. Me? Well the Easter Accessories Bucket didn't make an appearance until 10pm Saturday night. But yes everything did fall into place. The kids had a great time and were pleased to be greeted with hanging eggs and banners even though it would only be for a day or two. I made them hold off on the Easter egg hunt as their dad was running but since we had to also make it to church for 10:30 (we were skipping the sunrise service and breakfast this year), I finally let them start around 7:30. It was a good thing because this year's hunt took a LONG time! I'll have to remember this !

I did a personalized list for each child - they had to find for instance 3 blue eggs and 6 yellow eggs (the numbers were different for each child). This way they were encouraged to work together and share with each other when they found one they didn't need. Nicely enough, it worked. Among the eggs were also the 12 Resurrection Eggs that I made a few years ago. Once all of the eggs were found they went over their lists, we did the Resurrection Eggs/ Easter story and then they each got a final scavenger clue to find a personalized gift. These included garden stuff, bubbles, sand buckets and shovels, books for Cierra, hair things, craft supplies and a large egg with candy treats. I forgot the new bathing suits and tooth brushes. Matt got goalie equipment and the girls will be getting new scooters. The whole family got an outside hockey net.

Our goals for Easter gifts is to try to get outdoor gifts that we would probably already need to get. This could be bikes, swim suits, garden/ sand toys, bubbles, chalk etc. We'd considered a basketball net but figured Matt's more into hockey right now so the goalie equipment and net would be better received. He says we were right! Since their birthdays fall outside of this season, it seems appropriate to use this holiday to that advantage.

We then headed off to church getting there just on time. Adam had said he would be introducing Mitchell near the beginning so we wanted to be there early but that rarely happens and certainly not when it's a celebratory holiday. Anyway, that went over well and Mitchell got shown around to lots of people. Dad was on worship and I really enjoyed it. I was particularly moved when we sang "Because He Lives".

I'll admit that I hadn't really focused much on the Easter season this year. I guess I was busy. LOL I didn't do anything for Lent. We didn't go to any of the "extra" services. I didn't get any decorations up until the night before. I didn't buy any presents until the day before (thank goodness there was stuff there!), although we did discuss the big ticket items. I remember now though how much I miss the Seder dinner and I do like the sunrise service with the breakfast after. It makes for a long day with the kids but I like that the whole day is focused on the risen saviour.

So being at the morning service and singing the songs we did really made me think about the season. And the day. And the fact that "this child can face uncertain days because he lives". It is so true. I looked at Mitchell and the tears came flooding. It put everything about the day into perspective for me. I love how God does that!

After the service Mitchell met a lot of people and then we went out to the farm. The kids had a hunt in the barn and then we had lunch and sat outside. What a glorious day! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the horses were lingering nearby. It couldn't have been better. Matt and Drew hit some golf balls around the horse field and we stayed until it was time to go to my parents house. There we had another hunt, gorged on more food (LAMB this time - SOOO good!) and socialized together. All in all a great day - one to celebrate the risen king.

Now that we are home - and facing the disaster we left, it has hit us. A good day, but a long day and the mess can wait until tomorrow.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 2010 Recap

Backtracking to add this - I can't believe I forgot!

· Exercise – yeah right! Just making it to and from school most days was enough!
· Books, Magazines Read – Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks Etc, Us, People
· Entertainment - TV/ Movies Seen – LOST, NCIS, Parenthood, Office, TLC, SLICE & HGTV at hospital
· Special Events – photo shoot at Zehrs; Kim, Julie’s party; Mitchell born!
· Travel – Tremblant (4th -7th)
· Significant Purchases/ changes
· Health – Matt ill; Alison – 35-39 weeks pregnant (itching, twinges, numbness, swelling, heartburn); birth of Mitchell Alexander (25th)