Saturday, June 11, 2011


Missing In Action. Yep that's me. Like I just noticed on my sister's blog, I haven't felt all that chatty lately. That and we've been super busy....

I'll be back soon to write about...

  • May recap

  • Drew's 1/2 marathon run in Ottawa

  • visit to see Sean

  • did I ever write about visiting Sarah in South Carolina????

  • Cierra's birthday

  • LOAD recap

  • wondering if we'll ever get to put up the tether ball set, the basket ball set or the trampoline that is sitting in the garage

  • Cierra's "broken" foot

  • my latest obsession with a new blog I came across and exploring our own carbon footprint

  • our trip to Great Wolf Lodge

  • looks like it will probably be the June recap by then too!

Until then, a few recent photo faves!

Marlee and Autumn taking a [cool] dip.

Matt and Theoren in deep discussion.

Cierra eating a fireball (yes she was warned it would be HOT!)

The family enjoying the outdoor water area at Great Wolf Lodge (that's Marlee int eh pink in the background).

Mitchell enjoying some watermelon.


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