Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mitchell is now 5 months old!

Another great month with our little buddy aka Mitchelina, brudda, Mitchelin Tire boy.
  • weighs 18lbs 14oz (as of the 31st)
  • length 26.5"
  • major drooler
  • still spitting up
  • EC going strong (still mainly with poops)
  • asserting independence and wants (remember the light sabers?)
  • first time to the cottage (doing better in the car)
  • first time meeting cousins
  • first time "riding a horse"
  • first time watching video (I know, I know - but it was the car!)
  • seems to have a preference for the colour red (coke cans and ketchup bottles)
  • got professional photos done on July 28th
  • very chatty
  • itching to crawl

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Marlee!

Our little girl

is now 6!

What a difference between this year and last. She is so excited to have her birthday - especially at the cottage. She's been talking about it for months! We hadn't planned a huge deal - we've realized for her it is all about the time. We had a date planned for shopping and we also plan to get a new bike for her when we get home. We will also have a family get together when we get home.

As for our girl? What sums her up right now?

She loves barbies, Pet shop, my little pony, dressing up, Hannah Montana, High School Musical,

Notable quotables:

  • what about if?
  • are you my brudda?
  • awesome!
  • awkward!
  • aminals
  • I'm soo not doing that!
  • boring!
  • holy cow!
  • for real life?

On our shopping date we started at the library where we signed out some more DVD's and books. She then wanted to walk through the mall, try all of the motorized toys and wishing wells.

We eventually made it to Zellers where she had a hard time picking out something she wanted. There was so much to see! I convinced her to not spend everything (she had $40) all at the first place and that if needed we could come back at the end. So we ended up getting some 3D crayola sidewalk chalk, HSM 2 DVD and some art supplies (for me).

After Zellers we headed to lunch - she chose MacDonald's which had a play land.

After a little play time (she was pretty much by herself) we then headed to Superstore where we had a bit more success. She chose a Pet Shop stuffed animal set, a pet shop in a little purse, bubbles and a My Little Pony set. We also happened to find the same crayola 3D chalk set for a third of the price (so we bought 3 - some for gifts). We also saw the perfect bike for $29! If only we had the room in the car to take it back home. We also picked up HSM 3 DVD for the family.

After the superstore we headed to the dollarstore and got some birthday supplies. She figured she had $3 left so she quickly spent that on a purse and some snacks. We got the typical balloons, streamers and napkins that she wanted as well. Gotta love the dollarstore!

Following the dollarstore we went to Salvation Army as I needed to drop off the printer for mom and dad. Of course we can't help but look and she fell in love with a little house that would fit her Polly pockets for $1. How can you go wrong? She also claimed a HSM2 game "for the family". I also found her 4 adorable skirts that looked like they had never been worn. She does like her clothes.

We decided to call it a day and headed back to camp shortly afterwards. Mitchell had been amazing all day and I don't think he really curtailed any of the action. At one point when I needed to nurse him in the car she said it was the worst day but after discussing it further she agreed that really it was quite good - and she had been excited for him to join us.

We did end up having enough time for tv when we got home (although it was Matt's pick since he had already started it) and she was content to eat dinner and stay up late. All in all I would say the day was a success!

As for the day of? Marlee awoke to balloons all over the floor and streamers hanging down to welcome her. She then had a scavenger hunt that took her to the shoe pile, the wood shed, the beach, the bathroom, the bedroom and finally the sauna for her present (jeans, pink pants, pink shirt and purple shirt) from grandma and grandpa. She also got $20 from her brother (yey more shopping!). She immediately went to get changed.

Mid afternoon our cousins and the neighbours came to hang out and celebrate.

Our cousins brought a princess cupcake cake

and we all had Marlee's request of pizza for dinner. She opened a few more presents (a princess drawing book & Baby Bratz (Bill, Heidi), a dinosaur webkinz (Abby & Kieran), a trouble game for camp & Disney princess puzzle (Jim)and a camp rock barbie doll!!!(Aunt Marilyn) and then we headed to the beach for a final swim. The kids got a campfire going and had some schmores before everyone headed home. When it got dark enough we lit some sparklers and called it a day.

She is definitely growing up - no longer a baby, no longer a preschooler. She's only going to be a little girl for a little longer. [Sniff=(]

Happy birthday Marlee!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cabin fever and restful days

The last few days have been up and down. We've had a little cabin fever (Can you sing I am slowly going crazy? with me?) and we've had some fabulous days.

When was my last update? Oh yes - Thursday and here it is Tuesday already! crazy. Here goes:

Friday: A rainy and cold day produced a little cabin fever and we were all going a little stir crazy. Matt researched the fox jaw (I was correct - it was a fox!). Drew eventually took the kids into town to get out of here. They went to the library but got there after it had closed. To kill the time they went grocery shopping or should I say junk food shopping. He also grabbed some disposable diapers - can you believe it? (I haven't used any)

Saturday: A nice day - spent doing very little. A late start to the day and then some time on the beach. We also introduced oursleves to the neighbours Wayne and Dave who were out with their boat tubing and trying to ski. We were surprised by a great firework show from the neighbours who were celebrating a birthday.

Sunday: A beautiful day spent lounging in the cottage and on the beach. Mitchell slept well for his naps. Drew went for a short run and then went with Matt to go golfing. When they got back around lunchtime we went down to the beach and spent some more time cleaning the beach area, playing with sand toys and lounging on the lily pad. Drew took the kids for a spin in the canoe and I even went swimming.

Monday: - we all slept in nicely, Drew went for an 8km run (hills - that's about all there is around here) and then we headed in to town for about 1:30. The kids grabbed a beach umbrella for the cottage at Zellers while I nursed Mitchell (who of course didn't sleep past the drive in). We then grabbed a quick lunch at Wendy's before heading to the cousins. Adena finished work early which was nice and then the boys headed out to golf. We headed to the pool next door. Lovely - except that Mitchell was awake and I wasn't going to take him in the pool without protection. Ours I don't mind but Sandy is meticulous. No thanks. And Mitchell did end up pooping all over my arm as it was. Good thing I heeded my own instinct. When the boys got in we had beef on a bum - yum!!!! And Mitchell went down for a 2.5 hour nap! Yey! We left around 9:30 (sorry guys!) with a tonne of "gifts" for Marlee from Karli and then grabbed a few groceries before heading back to camp. Mitchell finally conked out again after a few minutes but woke up immediately upon arrival. What is that? He gets just enough sleep for a second wind and then has a hard time going down for the night. Oh well - something to continue working on right?

And finally today. As we settle down to watch Evan Almighty together we are watching a windy and cool water outside. The sun is starting to go down but the kids did spend some time in the water and playing with the neighbour kids. We all then had a hot hot sauna and showers. Me? I fell asleep with Mitchell. Over and out!

Friday, August 20, 2010

10 things to do....to make me scraphappy!

Here's my list of 10 things to do before the year is done: (as spearheaded by the new scraphappy.com)

1. watch jessica sprague's PSE tutorial online
2. make at least 3 layouts about cottage
3. read ella's book on portrait photography
4. make some blank cards to build up my stash
5. complete at least 1/2 of October 2010 LOAD
6. get caught up on my PSE tagging
7. put layouts into properly assigned albums
8. organize my box of acrylic stamps
9. scrapbook at least one layout on the laptop
10. backtrack to save fave photos online to 2005 for now

Since I always have scrapping goals on my to do list, here are some additional ones which may be interchanged...

make and print blogbook for P365 2009
get caught up with p365 2010
scrap some childhood photos
scrap kids school of life layouts
Mitchell daily digital P365

I think I am off to work on #3 for this week (kind of limited here at the cottage esp since I can not seem to upload PSE and baby fell asleep on my arm)!

Big Idea Festival

I've been taking a look at the information at Big Picture Scrapbooking's Big Idea Festival . I'm getting a lot of good ideas for layouts and for some extra activities - some possibly for gift giving! I'm hoping to make up some quick page kits for the upcoming Octobert LOAD class. Yep you read it right Drew - but don't worry; October is a month and a half away, the kids will be in school, Mitchell will hopefully have some sleep each day (during the day) and yes, some cleaning will get done too =) You know I need it!

Following along with some Big Ideas from the festival ... maybe one day I'll journal about this!

I Live... in an area where we have 4 distinct seasons.

I Like... that I live in an area with 4 seasons.

I Loathe... litter

I Listen... to the the kids crowd around their "brudda"!

I Laugh...while Mitchell is learning to assert his independence vocally!

I Lack... the time to do much extra these days.

I Learn... a lot from this computer thing - the "world wide web" and "blogging" LOL!

I Love... our life right now. Crazy but amazing!

Easy Peasy Days

There's not a whole lot to say about the last few days. Weve been pretty realxing and not very productive. Yesterday Drew cut down 6 trees with our neighbour and then he and Matty went into town to play some golf. We stayed in and did relatively little. I got a few naps in with Mitchell and little else. We played some light saber fights, some pick up sticks and watched some tv. Later we caught some MacGyver together and I have to say I think Marlee likes it!

Today we got off to a late start. Shortly after lunch Drew made some steps for the bottom of the stairs at the beach and the rest of us took Mitchell in the stroller to the rock hill in the hopes of getting him some sleep. Sleep only lasted about 20 minutes but was a nice stroll none-the-less. We then built a bonfire on the beach and Cierra and I gathered wood from the water's eadge. We also put some of the stones back up on the embankment. The water was beautiful although I still wasn't ready to go swimming yet. We had a late dinner and watched the movie A Bear Named Winnie -
the inspiration behind the stories of Winnie the Pooh. It all began in White River you know! It was a great family movie - some laughs and some tears. We're now watching The Secret Life of Bees, listening to Mitchell tell us his troubles. I think he is ready for bed and therefore so are we. We'll see what tomorrow brings. TFR!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Camp! recapping

All packed up and ready to go!

Well we made it. We've been here a few days and mom and dad should have just made it home early Monday morning (we got an email at 3:50am!). Here's a quick recap (note - long and detailed summary)!

The drive here was surprisingly good. We made it to TBay by 2pm on Friday - about our regular time. We left the house at 10am - the predicted hour after the time we really wanted to leave. But I have to leave the house in a tidy ready to welcome us home manner. What can I say?

Mitchell fell asleep pretty much immediately even though we returned home quickly to retrieve my hat. Then we stopped at the library to drop off our things and to pick up a book on hold. Our last stop was the church to pick up my flash drive and then we were off. We made it all the way to Jeremy's in Nairn Center - one of our favourite stops, for needed gas and a late lunch. (One pee break by Matt in a cup!) It took us an hour an a half for our pit stop after all was said and done. A little longer stop then usual but it is good home made, although fried food. Mitchell seemed to take a while to feed and be toileted and then be ready to go again. Cierra got her magazine though and she was in heaven for the rest of the day. By 3:45 we were on the road again and Mitchell was asleep in 10 minutes. We made it to Walmart in Sault St Marie were we grabbed some drinks, had a quick wander and then got gas.

We had a picnic dinner at Havilland Shores Park - where there was a playground and a beautiful gradual sloping beach.

We drove to check out the washrooms at the next beach but they weren't any better. Thankfully we had the potty and we were soon on our way again. I had to stop to nurse at 9pm and then by 10pm all 3 younger kids were asleep. By now we were encountering some serious fog so we cut our evening short and slept at the White Fang just near Wawa. Mitchell throws a bit of a curve ball now - especially without a pack and play. I shared the bed with him and Marlee, Cierra had an air mattress and the boys shared.

In the morning we were up at 7am and out by 7:42. Not sure why it took so long - we just had an over night bag and the cooler to pack back up. I have to say that by this point I think I am already regretting the decision to bring our own diapers to care for. And seriously wondering if we brought enough. Time will tell! (This is after I hand washed a few just to be on the safe side).

Mitchell was quickly asleep even through the Tim Horton's breakfast stop in Wawa. We made it to Marathon by 10am for a pit stop and nursing. The engine light and TCS came on for some reason but after reading the book (and the fact that we are in the middle of nowhere) we decided to chance it and keep going. Mitchell was asleep again but then awake after 1/2 an hour so we stopped in Schriber and fed him again. The kids played at the playground in the rain and we got going by 11:45. We finally pulled in to TBay right on schedule at 2pm. No stopping at Terry Fox this year. We immediately went to the library and then called mom and dad. After getting some groceries we pulled up to camp around 4:30. Phew! It always feels like a whirlwind drive but we were certainly pleasantly surprised at how well this one went. We were really not sure how this would go.
Add Image
We spent the evening catching up with mom and dad and letting the kids get into camp mode.

The men folk discussed the trees that need to be cut down.

The water is really low the year, which actually makes for a great beach and more play area. It was really warm and sunny so we had an early dinner (for camp) of shepherd's pie and then had a fairly relaxing evening. The water is beautiful and I may actually go swimming this year!


The day was beautiful! Sunny and warm and we were all up to enjoy most of the day. Poor mom and dad were probably up earlier then they had been all month but we were all down at the water for a lot of the day. The cousins arrived shortly after 1pm and we had a great time together. We discussed their recent travels and then had a late lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs. We then spent some time reminiscing about Aunt Elsie.

Dad loved the times that Aunt Elsie took care of him in Calgary - especially when his mom was busy with his brother. They took the train downtown and spent the day together weekly. He also remembered the time that she took him on the roller coasters and then had greasy dinner and then spent the bus ride home throwing up in a paper bag. Good times! I hope that our kids have memories of Ya-Ya like that!

Rob talked about visiting Aunt Elsie in Calgary, as well as the time that she spent living with them with Gramps in the later years. She did a lot of chauffeuring of the boys back and forth to school, to hockey and to Bingo. She was a fiercely independent lady those days! This turned to some memories about Gramps as well - how Rob used to greet him daily by rubbing his comb-over to the other side. That is until Gramps "caned" him one day in the side! He also remembered how he was "forked"one day while attempting to take the last pork chop. You can bet he remembered to ask anyone else if they wanted to have the last one from then on!

Adena enjoyed the regular lunches that Aunt Elsie used to make for her when she came home for lunch. When that got difficult for her they still made it a priority to eat together which was nice.
What I enjoyed most about this time of remembrance was that it wasn't sugar coated. Aunt Elsie really wasn't that pleasant to visit in her final days. She really didn't want to be here and was ready to move on. Aunt Marilyn and Adena did an amazing job and were faithful in visiting her regularly despite this. With dad so far away, the burden fell to them and we are so grateful for that. We are thankful that we were given the opportunity in a way to give back to her for those early years.

It was a great time full of laughter and memories. While we didn't see her nearly as much as everyone else there did, it was nice to be a part of it. And to get these memories recorded. Maybe one day I'll be able to get a tribute album of her done. I've been promised some photos of the early days of camp - I can't wait to finally get that one album done!

We said our goodbyes around 6:30 and cleaned up. While the adults still felt full from lunch,
a short time later the kids felt that they needed dinner so some snacks were prepared. You certainly can't get out of routine with them! The kids were soon separated for bedtime and we were left to tidy up, finish helping my parents with last minute closeup instructions and then we settled down for some more tv. MacGyver! We watched the pilot the night before and caught another hour this evening. Not as cheesy as I had thought it might be! Not to say that there isn't some, just not as much!

My parents got on the road around 8am and the rest of us slowly crawled out of bed. Drew left for a game of golf with the boys leaving me behind with the kids. It was a fairly windy and cool day so we spent most of it inside. Mitchell was rather out of sorts and really only got a few hours of scattered naps. We watched The Railway Children in between nursing and attempts at napping and lunch prep. We also caught some Scooby Doo videos. Needless to say, by the time Drew returned at 5 pm I was ready for some relief. Mitchell wasn't quite ready though to spend time with Drew and I finally went for a walk with him in the sling. We made it to the end of the road and he was asleep. Finally. I walked to the rock pile for good measure and then back. As soon as I opened the door (this had been about 1/2 hour), he woke up. Exasperating! Back out we went. He failed to fall asleep again but he was at least in a better mood. Good enough for Drew to hold for a while once we got back. Soon the kids were down for the night and we watched The Jane Austen Book Club. Even Drew enjoyed it. That is another thing with the library movies - we find ourselves watching ones we might not ordinarily watch. We were pleasantly surprised!

Monday brought about more cool windy weather. Great for the indoors! Matt and Drew attempted to go play golf together in town but were rained out after a short time. (They still had the hour in and hour back though and some time at MacDonald's for lunch). Marlee, Cierra and I spent our time watching more Scooby Doo and trying to get some nap times for the boy. We got one good nap in - which I then spent getting lunch ready and eating with the girls and that was it. When the boys got home we only had a short time before we turned around and starting getting ready to go into Rob and Adena's house for dinner. Oh - that and we dealt with a hygiene issue but that is another story.

Btw - did I mention it was cold? And windy? And wet? And that since we had an extra person to pack for we decided to condense this year and not bring all the stuff we never seemed to use? Some of which was warmer clothing? Yeah well, it was good to head into town - even a little early because perhaps the weather was a bit different. And we might as well go shopping and get some more clothes.

So into town we went. It was still cool but it was dry and we were inside. We tried the library at the mall but it was closed so we headed to the other one where although bigger, didn't have much of a selection unfortunately. Still, we got a few more movies and books and headed to get some salad.

We decided against getting more clothes (and we were out of time) but that's besides the point. It's funny how when we are missing something our immediate instinct is to go buy some more. I only brought Mitchell one pair of pants. Yes I know. What was I thinking? And the problem was that they got wet and with the damp weather at camp they weren't drying very quickly. But we did have blankets and lots of towels and we can make do. And spot clean instead of immersing in the future!

Fast forward to dinner - great spaghetti and play time with the cousins. Again Mitchell didn't sleep (although he did on the drive into town) so he was getting a little antsy by 8pm. Since Rob had to work in the morning it was a good time to head out. And he immediately fell asleep so we decided to stop at the superstore. We love this place! After an hour and a half we had picked up some good bargains - a tether ball set for home (14.95), a 2 in 1 basketball and garden tennis set (10.00), some clothes for Cierra and I, some pants for Mitchell (2 for 2.94 down from 10.00!) and the best deal? Star Wars light sabers marked down to $4.44 from $29.99! We got 6 of them! Of course we only went in for grapes and $200 later well... So much for just keeping it simple eh?

On a side note, we stopped in the washroom before heading out and well, let's just say that we were quite the sight. The whole family, kids included, dressed in "aahheeemmm" our best (Marlee in her pajamas even), out at 10:00 at night at the grocery store with very little groceries. I'm sure there were a few looks.

Tuesday (today)
A nice sunny and windy day. It started late for me - up with Mitchell at 10am. Poor Drew - since we have limited tv more this year, Matthew has been getting Drew up early for breakfast. He usually crawls back into bed but I'm sure it's not quite the same. He took the kids down to the beach for an early bonfire. We managed one good nap for Mitchell during the day and attempted a few others (what is with this rolling?).

We had a few good saber fights and a little bit of tv.
All in all a good day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Breathe Matthew!

We've been noticing a strange thing with Matthew lately! When he's been watching a movie (in the car or at home) he has this really weird breathing pattern thing going on - so much so that we actually have to remind him to breathe! I don't think he actually stops breathing but it certainly "changes" and is noticeable. Weird!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Omnivore's Dilemma

I finally finished the book The Omnivore's Dilemma (young readers edition). It was really thought provoking. I earmarked a few pages and these were the things that I wanted to think more about:
  • p35 - Regarding corn and how the price of corn (paid to farmers) is kept low by government policies and how in turn, in order to stay in business, most farmers receive subsidies from the government. The price paid for corn is below what it costs to grow it and yet it is the most in demand. Cyclical event that doesn't make sense.

  • p56 - possible ingredients in cattle feed - yuck!!! and how cows are not designed to eat corn and yet are forced to. Hmmm.

  • p83 - cheap fat - it is cheaper for the average person to purchase foods with empty calories rather then foods with nutritious calories ie potatoe chips and cookies versus carrots and other whole vegetables. Again the US government helps pay farmers to grow corn and soybeans but not the other fruits and vegetables we need. It discusses how one part of the government promotes the food pyramid and then another part makes it impossible for some to follow it. Hmmm.

  • p105 - shows the marked increase in childhood obesity and the increase in the average number of calories consumed of HFCS daily

  • p128 - how a chicken lives it's life before it gets to our table

  • Polyface farms - I'd love to check it out some day! (egg yolks should be bright orange in colour if they have been given a grass diet)

Some resources to check out:






Videos: Nourish; Fresh by Ana Jones; Food Inc.; What's on Your Plate; King Corn

What do I want to take from this book? (Btw I read the young readers version because the other one wasn't available from the library and I had started to read this one before I realized there was another version)

It is definitly thought provoking and good for conversation. I have been wanted to try to eat more locally and certainly more grass fed meat for a number of reasons. I need to research these ideas more (they are also part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days (LOL! - maybe I will get some of it accomplished!) and actually figure out how to do it.

A number of years ago Drew and I did purchase wholesome organic meats from a company. We haven't really been able to afford it again. Or rather, we haven't really chosen to afford it again since then. Nor has our freezer been ready for it. We did get very good meat. Drew has mixed feeling on it - i think we had a lot of good friends over and shared it and it may not have lasted as long as we had planned. I know there are some local farms that sell meat that I would like to check out.

I would also like to check out a few of the fresh produce/CSA farms. Or maybe even the Good Food Box system again. I have been buying more locally grown foods through our supermarket but I need to get to the farmer's market too. I haven't really needed to buy anything there lately but I would like to be choosing their produce over the supermarket.

That being said, I know that I will still want to buy bananas, pineapple, and navel oranges to name a few fruits that will never grow around here.

Above all, no, this does not mean that I am going to become a vegetarian. Or a no-junk food person. I do not have that kind of will power. But I have been thinking of the need to make better choices regarding our food and this book only confirms what I have known in my heart; the industrial food chain is not a great one. There is something to be said about eating and buying local and I hope to do more.

BTW there are some interesting reviews here on the full version.

scrapbooking again!

I took advantage of a few quiet moments (I think we are getting the hang of napping YEY!) and did some scrapbooking!

One paper layout:

Sources here.

And a digital layout!

Sources here.

Miss Marlee Moo has actually inspired me. It has been one of our summer goals to do some scrapbooking together based on the workshop Kidding Around. We haven't done a lot but in the hopes to do so, I put it on her Summer Bingo card the last 2 weeks. And she has come through for me - "Bugging" me to do some with her. The whole process isn't as easy as I thought. I'm learning to let go and just let her do it her way. Not easy. I tend to be a stickler for doing it "properly". But who'd to say her "proper;y" is the same as mine? Regardless, she is having fun, we are learning together and we are spending some quality time together. Cool.

Monday, August 2, 2010

"Brudda" talk

hi hi!

boo! boo!

hi hi hi!


hi hi hi hi!

are you my brudda? are you my brudda?

hi hi hi hi hi!


hi hi hi hi hi hi!

awwww - you are so cute!

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

where's mommy? where's mommy?

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Mitchell! Mitchell! Mitchell!

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, I made him out of clay,

Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, how I love him today!

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Wowsers these guys love their brother! This is an example of the frequent discussion that we are hearing around here. Inches from Mitchell's face and it usually involves some form of face touching. The love is evident! I do worry a liitle about him not knowing what personal space is though...(that and the fact that his mother is always in that space too and may go crazy from the incessant noise and constant touching!!!)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 2010 recap

As usual, here is my monthly recap; helping me remember the "details" and stats I like.

- I got out for a 20 minute run this month!!!, otherwise walking and squatting - often with a 16 lb weight added
- Matt - ball hockey and golf camp
- Drew - golf tournament, a few runs

Movies/ tv/ shows watched - a lot of TLC, slice and HGTV, specifically Say Yes to the Dress, DC Cupcakes, til debt do us part, flipping out, cake boss, Design Inc; Sarah's Cottage - all mostly while nursing; Total Drama Island on teletoon; Bride Wars from library; Pleasantville, Ferris Bueller's Day Off on tv

Books/ magazines read - Spiderwick Chronicles #1 The Field Guide; gave up on Songs of a Humpback by Jodi Piccault; reading Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan

Special Events:
- boat ride with Clark and Alyssa (2nd)
- family reunion (10th)
- Cierra to camp for 2 weeks on work placement, visitor day (11th - 24th)
- Matt to golf camp for 3 days (12-14th)
- Drew work golf tournament (17th)
- parents left for cottage (18th)
- church summer camp - High Seas Adventure (19th - 23rd)
- friend's cottage for weekend (24-25th)
- Drew sideswiped a car in his car (30th)

Health/ Development:
- Marlee lost tooth #4 (top middle left) (21st)
- Mitchell rolling from back to front; 16 lbs 13oz
- kids dentist appointment - all good

- Cierra to camp, visitor day and friend's cottage

Financial Expenditures:
- brakes done on my van ($900)

Household Changes:
- water softener not working again
- gate to basement stairs up

And I actually got a scrapbook page done! I was challenged through Kidding Around to "just finish one that has been hanging around". So I did.

I've been trying to get some done with the kids (through Kidding Around again) but it isn't actually working out yet - but we do still have a month to go. We are getting some of the activities done and the pictures taken though.

All in all another good month - fast, but good.