Thursday, October 20, 2011


“Be careful little ears what you hear; be careful little eyes what you see…”

It's amazing the way the mind works and what tangents it can go to.

We went and saw a movie put on by the BFilm Festival tonight.

It was called the Whistle Blower. We had intended to go see the Blues Bros but then I saw that Rachel Weiss was in this and the drama seemed more appealing. I didn't really know what it was about. It was about human trafficking in Bosnia.

Scary stuff.

Disturbing stuff.

Make you numb and cry stuff because you know it happens stuff.

I get at least one email a month talking about it and asking for money combat it.

So afterwards there I sat on my cushy car with tears running down my face thinking about our fallen world.
Then I started thinking about the movie Taken where this happens to teenage girls on a fun trip. That lead me to thinking about my exchange trip in high school and how I'd love for our kids to do that but is it now too dangerous? Would I let them go without us there with them? I did some really stupid stuff when I went. If I did that today???

But are we to be ruled by fear? No. The world has some amazing things to discover and explore but on the other hand it is still tainted with sin.

Bottom line? I live a cushy life. I flit away lot money away needlessly.

That lead to me thinking about wanting to live like no one lives so that we can live like no one lives (Dave Ramsey – no debt so that we can give).

But will I remember this?

Will I remember to give so that others can have better lives?

A fraction as good as ours?

There are so many causes - which do you choose? Healthy living for our own kids? One or two children through Compassion or World Vision? Family as a whole through Focus on the Family? Local giving in our community? Do you give now or work to pay down your debt so that we can give more later? How do I keep from forgetting? How do we protect our kids?

I have no answers other than to breathe, believe that we believe in a good God; one who shares my struggles and my pain and I have to trust that our kids are in His hands. I have to trust that if I ask, He will lead me to give in the way that I shoudl give. I have to thank Him that I was born into this type of life with the ability give back and to help others if we only do remember.

I pray that I will remember.

I pray that I will not forget how blessed I really am.

Extra big {HUGS} to the kids tonight.

Man how I love them.

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