Sunday, May 10, 2009

Torrential downpour and prom

Friday, May 8, 2009

So Cierra, L, C and I set off at 3:10 to get the kids from school. Cierra and I were walking, the other guys were in the double wide stroller. Cierra pulled the wagon for the kids stuff. Believe it or not but by the time we got to the top of the street it had gotten quite dark adn we heard thunder. Great - it's going to rain. I had packed everythign so we coudl go to the park. We didn't really have time to go back because it was an A day and the kids are always ready a little earlier then usual. Just as we reached the school and were waiting for Marlee - big drops of rain started coming down. They were actually BIG. I had my jacket but Cierra was wearing a white t-shirt so she got it. I found a broken umbrella in the bottom of the stroller and another mom shared hers while we waited. Marlee came out and immediately complained about how wet she was getting (in a sweater). We picked up C3 who thankfully was wearing a raincoat - but shoes. We ran to get the older boys and A and T. By this time it was really starting to pour - another dad kept me under his umbrella while I gathered the kids bags and arranged them in the wagon with the umbrella. They at least were comfortable. Matt came out with C2 and everyone was huddled under the overhang. I couldn't fit with the stroller and wagon and therefore got progressively wetter. Then it hailed. Peas. Of course there were 3 bikes so we got them ready and started toward the front of the school. Everyone seemed to stop here. We waited for the rain to slighten but it didn't appear to be going and the kids were getting cold so we decided to trudge on. It wasn't abad walk - off and on light and hard rain. By the time we got the the R corner B was out and took his guys, promising to bring them back once they changed. The rest of us moved on - but Cierra was getting progressively slower and slower. As a result I attached the wagon to the stroller and carried on. All fine and dandy until I went up onto a driveway and tipped them out. Woops! I couldn't help but laugh - and of course our neighbour rode by on his bike with the kids - commenting on our being a tad bit overloaded. That's for sure. But really, if it wasn't raining it would have been fine. Somewhere along the way, I had mentioned to the cold kids (my own) the usual "it's only rain" "We can get dry" "you can have a warm shower". Well, all the kkids wanted a shower when we got in. And as soon as I walked up to the driveway, Cierra's EA drove up to get her ready for the prom. The poor girl - what a chaotic mess she walked into.


Cierra continued to get ready while the other kids all changed, showered and got settled with snacks. She got her nails done, her hair curled and wore a gorgeous dress and shoes. Her EA gave her a lovely clip for her hair and earrings to match. She was so excited and looked amazing. Oh - and her EA even drove her to the prom. Talk about above and beyond. Cierra - we - are so blessed to have these people in our lives. Don picked Cierra up and she was apparently dancing the night away. I can only imagine. If I had to list Cierra's passions in life it would be dancing, Hannah Montana and family. Dancing and Hannah Montana were well represented tonight. BTW - we didn't take her or pick her up as we had a reunion dinner for our Israel group in Toronto. With all the kids I had today anyway, there is no way I could have done a better job - and it was so nice to have someone to pay such nice attention - just to her. I know she was thrilled.

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