Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer BINGO

In her true brilliant fashion, Stacy Julian has come up with another fun idea for helping with the summer time organization (and sanity). I am going to attempt to follow her ideas for Summer BINGO. After looking at the many ideas that others have come up with and posted on the Facebook group, below is what I have come up with.

You can get a new bingo card each week (or play on your old one)
Mom or Dad give you the sticker or stamp (keeping you honest)
Each Bingo (one line/ 5 squares in a row) gets a ticket
Play starts after morning routine and ends at 5 pm daily
Tickets may be redeemed when desired

REWARDS: (Still working on this)
1 ticket = ice cream cone or popsicle; candy or treat
2 tickets = 1 hr tv; 1 hr computer OR 1 hour of Wii
3 tickets = approved movie of choice or outing from list
4 tickets = sleep over or play date; stay up later;
Blackout (all squares) =
other ideas: movie rental; game rental; family activity choice; $3 or $5 gift card or $ towards school supplies; do something fun; sleep over or play date; staying up later; song download;

Morning routine done:
· Dressed
· Bed made
· Breakfast
· Teeth
· Room Tidy
· Assigned gotta do’s for the day (from mom or dad)

ACTIVITIES: (choose 25/week or keep same card as mentioned)
· Play in pool for 1 hour
· Play in back yard
· Play in sandbox
· Ride bikes
· Do chalk
· Trampoline
· Obstacle Course
· Fly a Kite
· Water game
· Colouring
· Make a list*
· Find Out*
· Play dough
· Board game
· Scavenger Hunt
· Activity Sheet
· Alphabet activity
· Educational computer activity
· Craft activity*
· Help make something in the kitchen*
· Write in journal
· Listen to an audio story (tumblebooks.com or story on disc)
· Help with laundry or other chore
· Play by yourself for 30 minutes
· Draw a picture and mail it to a relative or friend
· Create a new toy activity (lego/ duplo/ magnetix/ bionicle…)
· Watch a movie picked by mom or dad
· Memorize something from the list*
· Do a puzzle
· Whiz Kids activity
· Learn to draw a new animal
· Read
o In a secret place
o Outside
o In a fort
o To a sibling or friend
o A Chapter Book

So we're off and running and hopefully this will keep us sane and entertained. We also plan on at least one or two outings a week including library, zoo, fountains, parks etc and we have established that it is basically a 9-5 type of activity. This gives us time to get going in the morning and then once dad is home we can relax and have our regular evening routine. A friend of mine is also including a "Character trait" or skill to work on which I am hoping to include as well. This week it is patience.

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