Monday, April 18, 2011

Memory Monday - candy candy candy

Again prompted by Katie the Scrapbook Lady, I am reminded to think of the candy from my childhood. While my parents weren't strictly against sugar, I don't recall them being too too generous or open to it either. If I recall correctly, my dad actually had a fairly long stint of limited sugar after a bout with cancer. For holidays and special celebrations we got the typical sweets that prevailed at the time. At Easter we got the large chocolate bunny and jelly beans. At Christmas our stockings were filled with a mixture of chocolates, hard candies and fruit as well.

Random candy that I recall:

  • black bart gum

  • thrills gum (tasted like soap but we ate it anyway)

  • popeye cigarettes (we still have them but it isn't politically correct to call them that)

  • bottlecaps (especcially the root beer ones)

  • gobstoppers (they seem so much smaller now!)

  • astropops!

  • popsicles - especially banana ones!
Random candy memories:

  • getting black licorice balls from the store in Cookstown

  • [gasp] I stole a package of lifesavers from the local IGA and my mom made me take them back (embarrassing but I learned my lesson!)

  • mojos from the store on the way to the cottage - espeically banana ones (and now we can get them at the Superstore!

  • getting our penny candy and going to the store up the street to spend it

  • finding "cats tongues's" at a store in Guelph and buying them out

And what candy do I like now?

  • sour soothers (as long as they are the right kind, preferably stale)

  • wine gums (the right kind and preferably stale)

  • Hot Tamales

  • Mike and Ikes

  • Sweedish Berries

  • Cadbury Easter Creme eggs

  • chocolate covered almonds

  • caramels - chewy or hard

  • hard candy - the kind that comes at Christmas

  • Runts - or similar theme-type

  • Jelly bellies

  • solid chocolate - mini easter eggs,

  • chocolate bars - Dairy Milk, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey milk chocolate with almonds, skor bar, kit kat - it all depends on the mood
And candy I don't like?

  • candies with malt inside

  • candies with cherries inside

  • most of the chocolates in boxes of assorted chocolate

  • Turkish Delight or similar, Coffee Crisp, Mars Bars,
It appears that the list of likes is much longer than the list of those I don't like. That could be part of an even bigger problem if you know what I mean...

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