Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 2011 Recap

It’s that time again! Another month has passed us by and it is time for a recap. So why do I do this? First of all my memory is terrible and often find myself wondering when such and such happened. Second of all I love lists and information. Third of all I believe I am a type A personality. Enough said. Here's a look at our month:

Entertainment – what we’re looking at , listening to and going to!
Books, Magazines, Blogs read:
TV, Movies, Live Entertainment:
Gilmore Girls (finished season one)
Alex, the Life of a Child (VHS TV movie)
Parenthood (Netfix)
Not much reading or tv because of LOAD; perused regular blogs
Daily Happenings & Special Events:
Dinner with Nickell’s (8th)
Church meeting – survey (11th)
Bowling (Groupon) (19th)
Rounds Ranch with Small group (22nd)
Church baby shower (23rd)/ Marlee to Carson’s birthday
Matt to Josh’s birthday (24th)
Al taught Safe church presentation (25th)
Funeral (28th)
Church harvest dinner (29th)
Halloween/ Light the Night (30th)
Travel (1 hr plus): n/a
Financial/ changes to the house etc.:(gifts, renos, big purchases, household purchases)
Carson – ball making kit, gazzoobles kit
Josh - $25 pot of gold ELM gift
Health/Development/ Exercise/ Extra Curricular Activities:
Drew: council; ½ marathon (16th)
Alison: run/ walk; dentist (11th); 10K (16th)
Cierra: biking (wipeout – 7th);BRumble volunteering; dentist (11th); bowling Mondays(Spec Olympics)
Matt: hockey; shoot the puck (Fridays)
Marlee: Art Start (Saturdays)
Mitchell: 19 months – speech about the same – lots of mom, da, vrmmm (transportation), tsss (animals); sleep about the same – 1.5 hour nap daily; down for bed at 9 for 3-4 hours then in bed with us; fidgety and nursing from 5-7ish until I get out of bed; eating – not a tonne; likes bananas and granola with yogurt; carbs and fruit still lots of nursing though; fetches things, helps get dressed, puts things away, identifies pictures; LOVES cars; EC about the same – catches after sleep, a few poops; grabbing self after he’s gone
Accomplishments/ Disappointments (Goals - Gotta Do’s, Wanna do’s; OLW, projects)
LOAD; OLW loaded to site; working on going through slides
All Around Us/ Other (News, Trends, Births, Deaths, World Events, City News Etc):
Warren M died (27th) 4 weeks since diagnosis

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