Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lost and found

Do you ever just want to kick yourself?

I just discovered that I am more organized than I thought. 
I recently made a photo book about our childhood cottage.  The only problem was that I was missing a photo that I KNEW I had.  One that I really wanted to include.  I looked ALL OVER for that photo - my yearly albums, my childhood albums, my cottage album, my to do binders.  You name it.  I even prayed about it but I couldn't find it.  And since I was on a time restraint I eventually had to submit it anyway.

So fast forward to tonight. 
I must be nesting because I am on this major kick to clean up my office and rid it of some of the extra stuff that is there and I will never do anything with.  Anyway, I was putting some things away and I saw one of my 12x12 cropper hopper holders labelled "cottage".  Hmm. 
And the first thing visible through the front of it????? 
Of course.
THE photo. Actually 3 of them.

Sooooo peeved.  Right there.  All the time.  Serves me right though.  Too many places of "organization".  They are going right into my TBay photo album. 

But before I go, a brief description.

These are obviously me.  I am in the little wooden playhouse or shack that was behind the main cottage.  There was really no purpose for it.  It was there with the cottage. We just got to play in it when we wanted.  I remember sweeping it out and keeping it neat and tidy and just "hanging out" in it with my brother and sister.  It was ours.  Still, a memory.

(I also see I was wearing the clogs that were popular at the time!   circa1983)

Anyway, not a lot to say about the photos.  It was more just a nuisance that I knew I had something and then couldn't find it.  That really bugs me.

On the other hand, it is a little funny that I have been finding a number of lost articles lately - all ones that I have prayed for (library iCarly DVD finally found amongst our hand weights, photo descriptions from my dad in my office, library Mighty Machines DVD under the deck!). 
The time frames haven't been the best but at least I have gotten them back.  Strange. 

Now I can add one more to my list.

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