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July 2012 Wrap-up

JULY 2012
It’s that time again!  Another month has passed us by and it is time for a wrap-up.  So why do I do this? First of all my memory is terrible and often find myself wondering when such and such happened. Second of all I love lists and information. Third of all I believe I am a type A personality. Let's just say that I like to see my life all wrapped up, nice and tidy with a bow. Enough said.

Here's a look at our month:
Entertainment – what we’re looking at , listening to and going to!
Books, Magazines, Blogs read:
Dive #1,2,3 by Gordon Korman; Junior fiction quick reads – really well done though; I had to go to the library to get #2,3 as soon as I finished #1
I survived the earthquake of SanFrancisco by Lauren Tarshis – another junior fiction book that was a quick read that I could discuss with Matt
The Coke Machine by Michael Blanding; This one was okay.  It was basically about the history of how Coca Cola came to be and its relationship around the world.  Not all that great.  Which I could have surmised really.  So given that, and its effect on health in general, I am still trying to cut down.  But I do admit, that it tastes really good.  Bummer!
Silvertown by Melanie McGrath; This was given to me by my dad and gives a glimpse into the history of this area of England – just around the corner from my Nan.  It was interesting. I can conclude by saying that I am very thankful that I was born where and when I was.  Things have “progressed” to a better life for us.
Beyond the Sling by Mayim Bialik; Written by the actress “Blossom”, she gives insight into how and why she raised her kids by attachment parenting (Sling, co-sleeping, EC etc).  It was very well written other than her believe that various things have “evolved” over millions and millions of years. Her description of “gentle discipline” warrants further research.
Harry Potter and the Order of thePhoenix; While it took me a bit to get into it (I think I was distracted), once I got past 100 pages I was hooked.  Again.  Well written and suspenseful.  Matt and I are having some very good discussions about the books and movies. 

TV, Movies, Live Entertainment:
Bones (Finished S 6) (Netflix)
Muppets (rental)
Mighty Macs (library)
Hoodwinked (library)
Brave (theatre)
So I Married an Axe Murderer (Netflix)
Jumanji (library)
Dolphin Tale (library)
Puss `N Boots (library)
Cop Out (library)
HP and the Goblet of Fire (#4)
Daily Happenings & Special Events:
Canada Day fireworks on lakeshore with Hodgins (1st)
Strawberry picking (2nd)
Cierra to Cameron’s birthday party at Retro Planet (5th) - $25 Toys ‘R Us gift card
Funeral for Aly (7th)
Alison hospital (July 9th to 12th)
Church summer camp (Sky) (July 16th to 20th)
Marlee to Ruby’s birthday party at Art Center (22nd) - $20 Michael’s gift card
Cierra to camp (July 22nd to August 4th)
Marlee to art camp (July 23rd to 27th)
Sarah and Macy up to visit (July 28th to August
Travel (1 hr plus): n/a
Financial/ changes to the house etc.: (gifts, renos, big purchases, household purchases): n/a
Health/Development/ Exercise/ Extra Curricular Activities:
Drew: golf tournament (work), running
Alison: c-section, tubal ligation on July 9th; stayed in hospital until Th 12th; see hospital notes for details; itching on joints started again in hospital!; lost 23 lbs
Cierra: Foot appointment
Matt: baseball, VPO, lots of swimming; everything is “sick” (aka cool)
Marlee: lost 2 teeth; lots of swimming; art, Polly Pockets, Barbies
hair cut on 13th; similar speech – using signs a lot more; sleeping at night well; getting along well with baby – lots of kisses, pats; wanting to nurse a lot more (“umm”) (back to 3x a day while we “adjust”); mommy’s boy at home for anything bedtime related; watching lots of TV (Fireman Sam, Cars, Bob the Builder, Little Cars)!

Mackale: born Monday, July 9th at 12:55 pm weighing 8 lbs 9 oz, 22” long.  Healthy and beautiful.  He eats well, likes being held and generally eats, sleeps and goes to the bathroom!  I have not started EC with him yet but plan to… first Dr visit Th July 19th weighed 8 lbs 7 oz; all good.
Accomplishments/ Disappointments (Goals - Gotta Do’s, Wanna do’s; OLW, projects):
Have not done much in this area other than rest up and read.  There is dog hair everywhere and the lack of being able to do things at week 3 is getting old!
All Around Us/ Other (News, Trends, Births, Deaths, World Events, City News Etc):

2012 Summer Olympics in London, England – I would really have liked to be able to watch some of this on TV!
Foodland is being torn down – currently boarded up :(

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