Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Body for Life

Do you remember this book?

I bought it, I read it, I even followed it for quite a while.

And I bought the products.

This was about 9 - 10 years ago I think? and then I got pregnant and thought about putting those products in my body with a baby and decided it would wait.

So it has waited. And off and on I have been pregnant or nursing and still not wanting to put it into my body (most of the products had aspartame as well as too-hard-to-name ingredients). Through it all, I've had a box sitting in my pantry waiting to be used up. Because of course I paid good money and well...

The time came today. I dumped it all. And I almost cried when I saw how much I paid for this stuff. One was $39.99 on sale from $59.99

and one

was $99.99!!!!! It wasn't even opened!!!

All I have to say is WHAT WAS I THINKING? I spend how much?

Crazy! And all it really takes to take care of your body is to eat healthy foods - less (or better yet no) packaged foods, normal portion sizes (for me this means less than what I am currently eating) and regular exercise (again for me this means MORE).

Ahh the expensive lessons learned.

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