Friday, May 20, 2011

LOAD1105 - Day 20 and all about today...

It was such an amazing day out today that I left scrapbooking until the very end, and I am tired so a few more quickies for the neighbourhood album were all I was inspired to do.

perhaps not a lot of scrapbooking but today I...

  • got 15 minutes of elliptical in before M3 woke up at 7:03 (PS - C was downstairs at 6:03 dressed, eating breakfast and I think there might have been dishes she put away - WHAT TIME DID SHE GET UP??? her alarm is supposed to go at 5:45!)

  • Got C off to school

  • took the kids to school (A-day)

  • went for a walk with M3 (30 minutes)

  • took out lots of dandelions in front and back yard

  • raked out dirt in back yard and added some to garden bed

  • got first ever harvest of asparagus (some had already bolted)

  • cleaned up the garage a bit more

  • set up the posts for the garden trellis

  • sat with M3 who fell asleep

  • M3 wouldn't transfer so I thought a drive would help

  • ended up at Bradford Greenhouse (still not asleep) and bought veggie plants for the garden (super busy there!)

  • forgot my gift card in my pants pocket but bought everything anyway ($115)

  • M3 still not asleep but in a good mood

  • logged C's birthday gifts

  • made lunch

  • ate most of lunch and read ZeroWaste blog

  • C came home and got her ready to go to mom's and snack ready for school

  • went to school and played at park until 4pm

  • dc kids picked up at school

  • walked home (M3 fell asleep)

  • made dinner for M2 who was going to bowling invite with a friend

  • drove M2 (with everyone) to bowling for 5:30 (M3 transferred and went back to sleep)

  • stopped at park with kids on way for 10 minutes

  • yelled at kids who were rude to kids at the park

  • cleaned up garage more and watched kids play baseball in driveway

  • missed DC kids mom when we got home

  • got pizza from kids mom

  • left my kids with DC kids mom while I went to get M2

  • took longer then I should of to get M2 (who looked SO CUTE bowling - stylin! outfit and COOL bowling shoes I might add!!!)

  • had to get gas since I was on empty

  • returned overdue book of Drew's to library

  • sat with friend and neighbour for a few minutes, friend left, neighbour stayed, played in back yard with kids

  • neighbours went home, kids went up to bath

  • bathed, quick hugs, prayers and into bed!

  • dozed with M3

  • woke up at 10:16 - LOAD!

  • now sidetracked and time for bed.

and as for tomorrow? hopefully...

  • plants in garden with trellis and tunnels finished?

  • basketball net and tether ball set installed???

  • M2 to play date and then sleepover at DIL

  • scrapping for me?

That's enough for now!

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