Friday, April 27, 2012

Everyday Life

As prompted by BPC Twelve last week, I took a photo of my bedside table and its contents. 

Why?  To note its primary purpose and how I acquired it.  Even these things tell a story!

Here are 20 things in my bedside table!
On top:
- my lamp (IKEA)
- my clock radio (set to go off at 6:00am to hopefully give me some quiet time before the kids get up) - my iphone charger (I charge it every night and keep it here so I can add notes or move the alarm with me if I have to go to Mitchell)
- the baby monitor (although lately he just yells "mom!")
- magazines - I'm not sure why they are there - they haven't made it far from my to go through pile; I don't tend to read in bed anyway

In the drawer:
- scrap paper and pencil (for those thoughts in the middle of the night, although I am using my iphone more now)
- hand cream (not like I remember to use it); I am still using up all of the half used and full containers from Grandma
- butter creme roll-on (for those foot cracks that inevitably crop up - this works awesome over night - from that little store downtown)
- lip balm - using some up and some new homemade bee balm from Sarah
- vitamin D drops for Mitchell (free samples from Dr B)
- steroid cream for my knees and elbows :(
- my eye mask  (I started using it in university when I worked nights, it still works without fail if I have trouble falling asleep)

Underneath (You can tell I don't use this often anymore):
- cotton gloves for when my hands are in really bad shape (poor Drew - what a sight I am when I need to use all my remedies:)
- a smelly sachet (purchased at the One of a Kind Craft Show in Toronto 3 years ago - it still smells great!)

Wow! Well there you go - I don't even have 20 things in my table! A little bit of everyday life.

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