Monday, April 2, 2012

Memory Monday - Who I Am Now

Welcome to another Memory Monday - an opportunity to take a look into the past and record some memories.

I'm attempting to follow along with some of the prompts for LOAD Past Perfect - some that I didn't actually scrapbook or record during the month of February. For Prompt #3 the discussion was Who I Am Now. Did I become who I thought I would? What could I compare and contrast? Can I think of a specific example - for instance before and after kids?

Today I thought I'd look at careers and goals and what has happened along the way.

Back in elementary school my main aspirations were to be a teacher or an airline stewardess. How did that work out? Well in many ways I am a teacher. I could go way off on one tangent and discuss how mothers are teachers and while I completely agree with that, that is not exactly my focus for today. I took Childhood Studies at university and immediately started working within my field - working with kids with special needs in group homes. I then transitioned to the Early Years Center. At this time I decided to go back to school for my Resource Teacher certificate. This worked out really well with the job I had as I was able to go in the evening and also incorporate my work co-op within my current job. When my course finished I was able to immediately get a job within the same organization. I worked as a resource teacher within the nursery school setting until Marlee was born. Whenever possible I tried to incorporate the inclusiveness philosophy while still teaching as the other teachers would. After Marlee was born I went back to work part time to the early years center. After a year or so we ran into budget constraints and it was also apparent that it was time for me to be home full time. This has worked well and I continued to volunteer teach within the church setting under safe church and also preschool.

If I look back I think it is probably safe to safe that teaching in some form is in my blood. It may not always be in a formal setting but I have found that I am not one to sit idly in a group and be quiet. As much as I want to be quiet, I always find myself talking about my experiences, sharing what I'm learning and in some ways teaching.

As for an airline stewardess? Well obviously that has not come to be. Even remotely. I can definitely say that I love to travel though. The main reason that I wanted to be a stewardess was to travel and see the world. I think we can say that I am doing my best in this area. I do love to travel and my goal is always to see someplace different whenever possible. Of course there are lots of places I would love to go back to but I always think it is neat to see new places. We have had some amazing opportunities and visited some really neat areas.

I recently did one of my "Life Lists" noting all of the international travel that I done. I have travelled to 31 states and 22 countries. Not bad for nearing 40 years of age!

Other jobs that I have had include a bank teller (the closest I ever came to retail right Drew??), a daycare worker, and basically a number of different jobs within the same field of working with people with special needs. I have also volunteered extensively within the church in children related capacities.

I did have aspirations at one point of being an occupational therapist. I applied a few years after university and didn't get in and never really pursued it further. It has always been one of my favourite parts of working with people with special needs - I have been told that a lot of the activities I naturally apply are OT related. Who knew?

As of right now I am officially a stay at home mom. I am completely content with that and hope that that will remain for a number of years. It certainly encompasses a number of different skills but of course the main thing we think of is that I get to be home, walk the kids to and from school, volunteer when possible and be with the kids as they grow up. I can certainly see more volunteer work in my future at the school or at church once the kids are in school full time but for now this is it and I love it.

So there you have it. Just a little bit of who I am now and how I got here. Funny how when you look at it I haven't really strayed too far from my dreams - cool!

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