Monday, April 9, 2012

Memory Monday - Favourite Photo

Welcome to another Memory Monday! It is an opprotunity to dive into the past, dig up some memories and record them in some way. Since I am doing less scrapbooking these days the blog is a great format to keep the memory keeping flowing. TFL!

I am attempting to catch up on some of the prompts from LOAD Past Prefect from February that I missed. Prompt #2 was to talk about a favourite photo.

I recently acquired a number of slides from my childhood and was able to get them digitized through Scan Digital. Most I had never seen before. They have been a lot of fun to look at though!

I love this one as it gives a little glimpse into my childhood.

I love that in this photo I look a lot like Mitchell.

I love that there is a freaky version of Ronald MacDonald on the wall - Melissa would LOVE that! And is that a sideways clown on the left? What is with that? Also, did we eat at MacDonald's a lot?

I love that a lot of the toys look like they were handmade. Knowing my mother and that I was a preacher's kid, they probably were.

I love how products have changed over the years - most likely this crib is totally outlawed and my head could have most liekly fit through the bars a few months earlier.

I love that I found this photo.

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