Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy National Popcorn Day!

Another national day and in case you are wondering - "During medieval times, special holy days on the church calendar were customarily marked in red to distinguish them from other more ordinary days throughout the year. Today, the phrase "red letter day" refers to any date that holds special importance in a person's life-and when you begin to look for your own red letter days, you'll open the door to endless and unique inspiration for your scrapbooks" See here for the complete info on this class.

Soo, last week it was mentioned that today was National Popcorn day and well, popcorn is another favourite of mine. Lots of memories. Unfortunately today no one was really up to eating popcorn - Marlee has been sick and coughing and Matt was just a bit busy (or should I say consumed) on the computer. C? well dancing was on her agenda. But we did have some on Friday (hence the picture).

What does popcorn bring to mind?

  • Seasoning salt - especially salt and vinegar

  • Big bowls - one for each of us!

  • Microwave or more recently air popped

  • Has to have butter (or at least half butter and half margarine)

  • Oil popped on the stove at the cottage

  • Getting the big box at the theatre so we can dump it and put the seasoning on

  • Has to have a pop to go with it (or at least some juice - but pop is better)

  • Don't care for the extra butter at the theatre

  • Movie theatre popcorn is the best

  • Getting kernel shells out days later (even after flossing!)

  • Tradition started as a young child

  • Cheap, easy

  • Jiffy Pop once in a while as a treat

  • "Put your kernels in the bowl and let them get hot - sizzle-sizzle-sizzle-sizzle-sizzle-silzzle-POP!" (great parachute game)

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