Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Aunt Elsie turned 100 today! My parents are up in TBay celebrating at the nursing home with her and our other relaives. She has received a number of certificates and is being visited by a number of politicians including.....

For me it goes beyond the celebration - it just makes me wish I could sit down and talk with her more - of all that she has seen, all that has happened in her life. Can you imagine all that she has seen in her lifetime? So much has changed! Now we have cell phones, computers, cordless phones, digital photos, instant developing, microwaves, refrigeration, freezers, ovens, cars, television!

I only get to see her once a year and that time is usually very quick. She doesn't want to talk a lot and she complains about her health a great deal of the time (she actually seems quite healthy). She never married but has been very close to my dad's side of the family. Unfortunately, over the last few years she just isn't seeing her worth. When she needed to move into the nursing home, I think she may have felt abandoned but her level of care definately necessitated the move.

I am just in awe - and I am promising myself that the next time I see her I am going to be more specific about the time that we spend together!

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