Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday baby girl!

Our baby girl is 5 today! She has been waiting for this day for several weeks - no actually a few months (I think she is learning that from Cierra!). She was so glad that her cousins would be able to join her at "her cottage" for her birthday.

We had an easy-peasy day - Nan and Ya-ya were still up and we opened a few presents from family (all cool clothes) and then the cousins came in the afternoon. She helped decorate her cake with lollipops and candles. She and I plan on spending some 1:1 time shopping together for her gift from us later in the week.

So who is Marlee right now?

She is a total girly-girl who loves to dress up as a princess, play with barbies, Polly pockets and pet shop pets. She wants to dress like a rock star and is very strong-willed. She is not looking forward to school at this point - even though she will be one of the "big kids" in the class. Even though she colours and draws and wants to write stories all the time - she apparently does not like the work at school and wants to stay with me all day. She can play independently for very long periods of time and yet can also be very demanding of parent time. She for some reason is also into licking (still - I do have myself to blame). Oh and really heavy breathing - on us???

In the last few weeks she has magically gotten taller, asks a million questions - especially "What does such-and-such-a-word" mean?, and wants to be a big girl.

Some of the things she is saying these days?

  • That's so weird!
  • Seriously?
  • For real life?
  • Goof!
  • That was so cool!
  • That's actually a good opinion Matt!
  • I'm a little freaked out about them [escalators] right now!
  • Yeah yeah babaa!

But no matter how you say it Babaaa - we are so glad to have Marlee Moo in our lives and we are SOOOO happy that you are now 5!!! Love you girl!

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