Thursday, August 6, 2009

Movies and blogging

I'm loving the library movies - we are picking up several that we would probably never have gotten had we gone to Blockbuster.

Last night we watched Blood Diamonds - another to remind us how blessed we are here in Canada - and how little I know about the world around me. I am trying to be a bit more aware, but I know I tend to be self absorbed and to be honest - when this movie took place, I had no idea the troubles going on in Africa.

And now Drew would like to say that "Tonight's was good, but that would be a lie - it was "okay"". He woud be referring to "Saving Sarah Cain", a Michael Landon Jr production. I liked it - simple, redeeming; a good clean movie.
Note: It advertised another MLJr movie "Love's Unending Promise" - a book I loved as a teen. I will be looking for it soon.

Watching movies that aren't so intense also allows me to do a bit of catch-up on the 365. I finally got all of the "Days" corrected. Now I just need to add the photos. Getting there!

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  1. And my "okay" is probably anyone else's bad b/c as some know Al and I are pretty forgiving when it copmes to cinema.........