Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Women's Equality Day

I read that tomorrow is National Equality Day in the US. While not American I too am thankful for all of the freedoms that we as women and as Canadians have. I am reminded daily of many rights that I value. Some that come to mind are that we live in a free country; I am thankful that I can believe in our God, openly and without fear of being condemned. I value that we have the right to choose our own government and to vote; that we have the right to free speech. After watching movies set in other countries I am continually thankful that our children grow up where slavery and child labour is not a part of their world and that they can get a great education. I am thankful that we have food abundantly - and that we can even grow our own. I am thankful that we are able to work and provide income and necessities to live. I am thankful that we have more then enough.

So many of these things we take for granted. So often we are reminded of all to be thankful for - from movies, reading, the daily newspaper, mission work and from travelling. It is sad how quickly we get back into our daily routines and again, take these liberties for granted. I am glad for the reminders of the hard work that was put into securing these freedoms for us and our nation. Thank you to all of the men and women and families for the sacrifices that were made to allow us this amazing country to live in. Thank you to the women who fought for our rights to be an equal citizen.

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