Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weekend getaway

We spent a lovely weekend away with our friends Mid D and Little D and their kids at their cottage. It is on a remote little island in the middle of Georgian Bay without electricity. We arrived mid evening Saturday and stayed until noon Monday so that the kids could get back for a birthday party.

Surprisingly, the no-electricity thing was kind of refreshing. (The company was pretty good too).

Drew made us breakfast each day on the propane stove.

The kids wore their life jackets most of the weekend (The island is mainly rock, slippery and steep in some places) - and spend most of the time exploring, picking berries,
climbing trees,

and swimming.

We saw lots of wildlife - frogs, huge tadpoles, birds, garter snake, a water or fox snake and bats.

The kids asked repeatedly to go to the small cabin where they went up and down the ladder to check out the loft.

All in all though, a nice relaxing weekend (other than the bats), great company (if they still like us) and it did make us appreciate all that we have. I admit though, it made us wish our own cottage was just a little bit closer.
Thanks D's!

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  1. The D's still love the Curries! And look forward to a new tradition of having you for a weekend. Loved the smores & awesome breakfasts. Lots of good memories, thanks Friend!