Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...

That might actually be Matthew's request as he currently doesn't have any front teeth - although I really don't think he minds. It's pretty cute too.

As December will be upon us pretty soon, I thought it prudent to start with the good ol wish lists. I come from a family of wish list makers and believe me. I like it. I know I can get something that they will actually want and use - and they still have some "openness" to them too. We are also trying to cut down on extra "things" - for the household and for the kids so this tends to help keep the items practical and desired. The problem is, I haven't actually given this a tonne of thought yet but I know I can always add to it as time goes on.

For Matthew:

  • Wii games ( must be E only at this point)
  • Lego Indiana Jones or city sets (he particularly wants the big temple set that DOESN'T have the ball)
  • Goalie equipment for ball hockey? details???
  • a good pencil sharpener
  • Itunes gift certificates

For Marlee:

  • At this point anything Strawberry Shortcake, Polly Pockets or Pet Shop, Barbie or Disney Princess
  • She has a tonne of clothes but always loves cute things; she is particularly into mismatched socks and cool patterns
  • music certificates (itunes) - or her own ipod (blue) to trade with Matt's
  • leggings to wear under skirts

For Cierra:

  • Anything Hannah Montana (she will be getting the movie)
  • I saw a cool dance program for the playstation featuring Family Channel characters, including HM - if something comes out for Wii....
  • Jeans
  • Cool t-shirts
  • Magazines on teen stars

For Drew:

  • Clothing - TBD (from Costco and Land's End)

For Al:

  • Wooden cutting boards (8,5x11-14" size - 3; one for meat, veg and fruit)
  • Pampered Chef muffin stone
  • Scrapbook.com gift certificate for albums
  • Michael's certificates
  • JessicaSprague.com (Grow your skills) ecertificates to learn PSE
  • DesignerDigital.com ecertificates to purchase digital supplies and how-to classes
  • large wall clock (ask for details)

For Household:

  • Life jackets (elementary school age size)
  • Wii Fit

So - just a few things to consider. I'm sure there will be more fine tuning as the days go on. The kids are doing quite well I have to say in terms of "wish list" requests. Actually I think I am just about done their shopping but I know there are lots of relatives starting to consider. Just remember - it's not all about the gifts - we love time and togetherness. And as Sam is demonstrating - we can also buy for others in place of ourselves - we definitely aren't lacking in any areas.

Now back to those teeth - Matt lost his other front tooth yesterday. Isn't he just adorable?

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