Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Creative Plannning

I think I may have done myself in already. Last year I took part in Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas (Paid for last year, free from now on) - a daily prompt for journalling, scrapbooking and photography daily from December 1 to January 6th, that we could do as much or as little with as we wanted. I'm still working on it. I'm at December 17th, 2008. I did do the journalling part but as usual I got caught up in the perfectionism of myself and couldn't quite decide how each day should "look". So this year I also started considering Ali Edward's December Daily (free ideas). Similar in the fact that you journal or take a photo every day but there isn't a specific prompt. She has also premade most of her pages - just needing to add the picture and journalling. THAT part I like. And I love her style. And then new this year, Jessica Sprague. Holidays in Hand (free). Another daily message with photo idea, something to do and something to write about. All of these are meant to help us enjoy the season, get rid of some of the craziness, and make meaningful memories. So how is it that I get so caught up in the process that I get myself into a frenzy as to what to actually end up doing. Crazy. Oh and I forgot, I could just blog using the prompts too. That is always an option. Bottom line, I like the meaning behind them all. The inspiration to be creative, to write about our past, present and future traditions and experiences and to ENJOY the season for what it is supposed to be. It used to bother me that people started thinking about Christmas so early (I'm not sure why), but I am enjoying the underlying buzz, the preparation and the organization it is taking to not be so rushed and crazy when the big day actually arrives.

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