Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Mission Statement

I was inspired a few weeks ago by Simple Mom, to create - or at least consider the process of developing a Family Mission Statement. I had heard about it a few years back actually on Jon & Kate Plus Eight (we won't go there), but was reminded of this with Simple Mom's blog post with their mission statement. I love the thought of goals. I love the desire to bring our family together more and give us purpose. I love that hers was posted and that it totally resonated with me. Obviously it would need a few tweaks to personalize it but a lot of it just felt right. She also took their mission statement and made goals for the year for their family. Again, many seemed to be totally in line with how we live our lives and with what we have in mind for our future.

This past weekend worked out well to work on this as I had Drew trapped in the car on the way to and from our retreat. We used this time to go over some of the preliminary questions and how her mission might relate to ours. Drew is usually quite willing to work on things like this but interupt the evening golf routine? Uh uh. Car trips are great for this. I was happy to see that we were pretty much on the same page. Similar goals for the future and we are seeing things similarly in our family right now.

So yes, I have taken many if not most of her ideas and have made them into our goals as a family for us (it is SOO awesome that she loves God!). I imagine that some will change over time and as we work on it, more ideas will come to light, and some may not work at all. There may be things that do make it more OUR family. But for now, these goals look like they will work - many we have already been working on. As I don't claim to be creative in this way, I again am thankful that most of the work was already done. Does it seem wrong to have another family's goals? I hope not. I truly appreciate the work that was put into it.

I hope to somehow "scrapbook" this in some way and then post it in our house as a daily reminder (I know I need it to be seen in order for it to be effective).

For anyone interested in exploring this topic, this post on creating a family mission statement is excellent - with questions and how to follow up included. More will follow as I type up our progress.

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