Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Opening Ceremonies revisited

We watched the Olympic opening ceremonies from last night this morning. Some of the kids comments and observations were worth sharing:

The kids were intrigued by the fiddling and the strings flying off the fiddles.
Why is there no singing? (Regarding the tap dancing)
They thought the maple leaf formation was cool
Wow it looks slippery - she's running fast! to me asking How is that girl flying? It's ropes mom!
Is that man wearing shoes? (KD Lang)
Terry Fox's mother got a head knod
That type of singing is opera. Marlee - Oprah?
Wayne Gretzky - we asked Matt if he knew who he was and he wasn't sure. Drew explained and Matt confirmed "Yes He is very good at hockey!"

And then our hopes were dashed when the PVR stopped taping before the event was over. It stopped as the towers raised to be lit. Ooops! It looks like we'll be trying to catch the final lighting on you tube. Stay tuned! That is the disturbing thing about PVR - it doesn't take into account overtime. At this point they aren't realizing they missed anything though.

I'm impressed they sat through it and wanted to watch the whole thing - waiting patiently for the torch (I'll admit we fast-forwarded through a few acts), and Marlee did keep asking about Teletoons though. Lego Atlantis will have to wait until the afternoon.

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