Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Games - Go Canada!

We sat as a family and watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games tonight. I think it is the first for me in years. It was really neat to see the kids so excited and aware and full of questions about what it was all about. They waited patiently (well sort of) for Canada to come into the stadium with their athletes (I forgot that Canada would actually be last since we are hosting - after explaining the whole alphabetical routine). They were excited that we were number 2 in number of athletes in the games. They wanted to stay up and watch the rest but at 10:30 pm we said that was enough. It would be taped. I hope to be able to catch more of the games this year - in the past I haven't been all that interested but since they are in Canada, I certainly do feel the pride of being Canadian. Go Canada!

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