Thursday, August 25, 2011

17 months!

In honour of Bibiti's 17 month old birthday I created a list of 17 things at 17 months!

(in case you are having a hard time reading it, it says:

1. You weigh about 23 ½ lbs and are 30.5" tall
2. You say ma, da, ball, tsss, vrmmm
3. You prefer being nakey butt and free
4. You love playing in water, chasing balls and watching cars
5. You give great hugs and open mouth kisses
6. You can find your hat, shoes and blanket (and any ball) when asked
7. You help get yourself dressed and brush your own teeth
8. You can sign car/truck
9. You have 16 teeth
10. You are very easy going and happy-go-lucky
11. You love to be where the big kids are
12. You scream when you don’t get your own way but calm quickly
13. You can match puzzle pieces
14. You can make yourself pass out when you don’t get your own way
15. You have a wickedly adorable smile and laugh
16. You get knocked down but you get up again
17. You are loved beyond measure!

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