Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life Up North

Life up North Summer Vacation Weeks 4 and 5

Life at the cottage (aka as camp to everyone else up here except for us because C gets it mixed up with "duck" camp) brings many stories and memories to be shared:

M3 is becoming quite the climber - easily scooting up on the coffee table.

The kids love riding the bike (we only have one at the moment) and the paths are great for doing it here. Unfortunately this one is getting a bit small but he doesn't care. Just previous to this photo the kids were fighting over who got to ride the one bike. It was typical for this day. lots of arguments and saucy talk. Even some tears.

M3 took a while but all of a sudden got VERY brave at swimming. He went from daddy's arms to the edge - to the ladder (it had to be the ladder) and literally got to be jumping in - going under as well.

Visiting with cousins is a highlight of our visits. M2 was particularly looking forward to swimming and visiting Karli. We spent the day by the pool visiting and snacking, and it was great.

I went out for a canoe ride with C and had a pretty good experience. I had kept putting it off as I was afraid we would get stranded with me not knowing how to guide us back. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I had imagined.

M2 enjoyed some wake-boarding.

M3 SQUEALED with delight when M2 showed him a baby frog. it was precious to witness.

On one of my walks I stopped to look at Little Lake. I was struck by the mid-morning beauty through the trees.

This was the year for fishing. Off the dock. Off the neighbours dock. From the canoe. He didn't have any luck but he sure had fun.

Football in the water - great fun diving for it!

M3 preferred the edge of the water and was content pouring and dumping. Pouring and dumping. Pouring and dumping.

M1 got the windsurfer board going and became quite proficient at using it. He went all around the bay on it.

I love seeing sharing like this!

At one point the kids wanted to play dogs. How appropriate that there was a cage to accomodate them. Hair and everything!

M2 enjoyed the swinging - just not the scraping against the trees.

M1 got M3 into some hitting practice. He actually hit it a few times!

Of course we had to have a checker game or tow. He beat me easily.

Sleeping is a different adventure up north too. It sometimes takes a longer to get to sleep but usually they are so tuckered out we don't have to say anything.

The boys enjoy a splash or two.

All in all life up north was excellent. The weather was great (One day of actual rain, one day of cooler temps), the water was awesome. We visited with fmaily and relaxed in a differnt sort of way. As usual, returning home was bittersweet. Another year done and more to look forward to.

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