Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Out to a Movie

Ever since Spy Kids All the Time in the World in 4D came out, Matt has been wanting to see it. Obsessively so. We finally got the opportunity last night to use his Summer Bingo tickets and head out.

I have to say though, that we were a little disappointed. 4D does not mean 3D plus an extra sense! Well at least we didn't know that! There were no 3d glasses for us! There was an option at another theatre to see it in 3D but we thought this would be all inclusive. Oh well. I haven't seen a 3D movie since like forever - maybe childhood? I don't even know what that would have been either!

And to top it all off,

my scratch and sniff didn't work. I could only smell one of the 8 smells. Matthew's was similar. The rest smelled like paper. Otherwise the movie was great. It was very entertaining and certainly clean enough for Matt.

On out way home I started remembering all of the scratch and sniff stickers I had as a kid and shared those memories with Matt. They have there sillybandz, the bakugons, the polly pockets. We had friendship pins, scratch and sniff stickers and cabbage patch kids. Maybe stickers will be one of those things that "comes back"?

Remember these?

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But there was a bonus. I used my container to dump my popcorn in and used my own salt. I only had to get a disposable cup for my pop and the bag for the popcorn. 2 things saved.

Matt got the kids pack which was a box, a water bottle and a kinder surprise. We'll get him edumacated soon enough. Baby steps people. Next time if I'm not in such a rush I hope to bring my cup to ask if they can use it instead. I'm not hopeful though - they weren't willing to give Matt a bigger water from the fountain instead of a water bottle.

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