Thursday, August 18, 2011

A One Time Thing?

The kids had been in for a swim and then became "mud monsters" in the yard and of course needed to have a shower. I followed them upstairs with Mitchell (after he had been forced to have his shower in the laundry tub) to check on the progress. Mitchell was still nakey-butt. And....

He walked into our bathroom where Marlee was having a shower,




on the potty



All on his own accord!

This is a first and HOPEFULLY a sign of things to come?

[It would be so nice because frankly, to say that I have been a bit frustrated about this side of development would be saying it mildly. Typical from what I read but still, I have high aspirations.

We typically get his after sleep pees and a few throughout the day but we definitely aren't accomplishing what we had been. The poops are the most disappointing. It is SO much easier to clean a poop out of a potty than out of a diaper:( ]

Anyway, here's hoping, and I just had to share my JOY!

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