Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Well the decorations were up, the pink pancakes and fruity cheerios ready to go, as well as the heart shaped containers with candies set on the table... but there was little love in the air. No, it wasn't that bad. Personally I was quite pleased with the decorations - the kids helped put some up over the week and then Drew and I added a few last night to surprise them (it doesn't take much). But poor Matt was not a happy camper when he realized he had to go to play practice "ON VALENTINE"S DAY!!!??!!" It's not like he was going to miss anything (changing the beds, vacuuming, usual playtime) but he is just did not want to go. What is funny is that his behaviour/ argument was soooooo me!!! If it is not in his agenda, on his terms, he does not want to do it. Man I am feeling for Drew! No matter what we said (he wanted to make some more valentines and not have a shower), he kicked up his heels - even though he could potentially have gotten them both done. Very interesting to participate in from this side. And a learning experience for me. Unfortunately there ended up being some yelling and threatening (when you've committed to a program you attend - they are counting on you - you know...) but we were able to finish off with a tickle/ pillow fight so he left with smiles. Thank goodness! I hope the rest of the day continues along this line! It's all about the attitude and choosing the right one. I am learning. Show me the love!!!

Blessings and a HVD to you!

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