Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Wow - where does the time go? I often think of things that happen during the day and think that I should add that, or write down that thought, and in the end, I'm just too tired or away from the computer. I don't quite have the hang of this yet.

So here it is, Feb 23 and I started to take down the Valentine's decorations. I have to say they were kind of fun this year. I'm not sure what to put up there right now -whether I go back to the snow flakes or move on to something else. I'll have to wait and see what Becky does! I do have some ideas for march though...

The daily photos continue to be taken and documented on my 365 blog. And so far I am up to date with my LOAD challenges. Yey! Lent starts today and I think it will be scrapbooking supplies - after I realize that I might not have that much adhesive for 40 days! Although apparently it doesn't count on Sundays? We will see...

Over and out!

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