Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dedication Day/ Father's Day

Mitchell was dedicated at church on Father's Day. At our church we do infant/ child dedication and then later, when an individual affirms their believe in Christ, they may participate in believer's immersion baptism. I grew up in the United Church and was baptised as an infant. As an early teen I wen tthrough confirmation and then when we changed churches, I took part in beleiver's baptism in July 1997. Drew was baptised in November 2001.

As usual, when we needed to be at church on time (I wanted to get there early so that I could feed Mitchell there rather then at home but that didn't work out) we got there just in time but I had to sit out for most of the morning to feed him. We did finish in time for our part. There were 3 families with dedications but we all went up together.

Drew and I read our prayer of dedication together (the same for both Matthew and Marlee) and then Dad came up to do a prayer over him as well. The kids behaved fairly well but all three couldn't keep their hands off him! I'm glad he was so tolerant!

Afterwards we had cake for everyone and Nana got to hold him for the duration. It was rather warm so we kept "airing" out his gown. I had one little girl come up and ask why he was wearing a dress. It was so cute. I explained that the "gown" as we call it, has been in our fmaily for several generations and it is a famiy tradition to wear it for dedications and baptisms. It was my mother's great grandfather's, which makes it 6 generations? Either way, Grandma wore, it mom wore it, Sarah, myself, Matthew, MArlee adn now Mitchell have worn it. Sean came into the fmaily at 10 months of age so he was too big to wear it. I will have to chekc and see which cousins wore it. I didn't get a chance to get a picture of just Mitchell in it. I'll have to remember to do that soon before mom passes it on to Sarah. It has a few yellowish areas which she hope to work on. Scary!

We came back to our house to have a celebratory bar bq with my parents and Don. It was a beautiful afternoon although we definitly missed Melissa (get well soon =)) and Nana.

And of course a Happy Father's Day shout out to Drew! We couldn't ask for a better dad. He s always there for me and the kids. I'm pretty lame at gift giving if not given ideas and this year was no exception. I do hope he knows how much he is appreciated though and that we would do anything for him. He has really been giving 100%+ these last few months since Mitchell was born. Dinner is usually prepped when he gets home but making it and serving it has fallen to him regularly as it seems as soon as the daycare kids go, Mitchell needs feeding and there is no point in starting dinner with the other kids there. Mitchell also seems to need feeding right at bedtime so Drew has been the sole doer in that area too. I'm glad that I can still snuggle although that tends to keep Marlee up just a little later. But kudos to Drew - you mean so much to our family and we couldn't ask for a better husband/dad. Thank you and WE LOVE YOU!

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  1. Hi Alison!

    So fun to hear from you on my blog. Your Mitchell is DARLING. How fun that our boys are so close in age. I love your posts (dedication and the funk!) - we're definitely feeling the same things. TIME would be nice right now! I love that Mitchell wore the same dress that has been in your family for so many years. So special. Congrats! You have a beautiful family.