Friday, June 11, 2010

They are in!

The plants that is. I FINALLY got the garden mostly in. I have a few more to grab at the nursery tonight (if they have any) but the majority of them are in the ground. This year I am planting the following:
- broccoli (4)
- celery (8)
- garden lettuce (4)
- mesclun mix lettuce (4)
- cauliflower (4)
- purple cauliflower (4)
- zucchini squash (4)
- tomato(1)
- beans (12)
- cucumber (12)
- sweet green pepper (4)
- sweet yellow pepper (4)
- basil
- dill
- parsley
- chives
- rosemary

Unfortunately I just didn't prioritize (I'm trying to avoid saying "have the time for") planting seeds again this year. Maybe next year? I hope to buy the PVC piping for the trellis in the next day or so for the bean section. This year I am primarily using the new garden bed as the old one is full of weeds, except for the beans and the asparagus (if I can figure out how they work??). Again with starting too late this year, I don't think I'll be able to manage that much produce. Poor Drew - after I made him get the second garden bed in for me. He won't be pleased.

Still to do:
- figure out about fertilizer
- set up trellis
- buy tomato plants
- figure out where to plant the basil
- get the soaker hose out and set up
- get out the tomato stands and set them up

Oh and did I mention I used the new water barrel to water the plants?

I really hope to get the kids more involved this year with the overall gardening process. Maybe they will be more apt to eat raw vegetables.

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