Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is it a Funk?

One of my favourite blogs to read is this one, and I think I could have written most of her post today. What a day!

Today was a daycare day and the kids were busy. Thank goodness it was beautiful out and we spent the majority of the day outside. They went swimming, played on the equipment and "hung out". Not so bad. And then Marlee got a sliver. Woah! Her screams brought about Mitchell's screams because I had to put him down to get it out. Then the boys shared all of their wound stories which really weren't helping the situation. I finally got her calmed down and distracted, removed the sliver effortlessly (b/c she was actually calm) and then she continued crying b/c it hurt. Really? It was out! Woah. Enough.

Back to the post though. As I was finally getting my long anticipated shower this evening, I too was thinking to myself "I'd really like to cut my hair. I am tired of wearing it up". When it is down it has no style and gets caught in Mitchell's hands or gets spit up in it. So up it goes. Makeup? I haven't worn anything other then lipgloss since Mitchell was born. And clothes? Well we'll just say it's casual and leave it at that. Did we mention the spit up and yes, with ECing I do get #1 and #2 on me. Frequently.

But this sounds more like complaining then I mean to. Just like Erin, our little guy is amazing. He is so enraptured with us! He is totally into his hands right now, learning to spend a little more time on his own but still definitely MY guy. I can't believe he is already 12 weeks (today!! - I had to look it up b/c I thought he was only 11 weeks -oops!) It's so hard to believe how much our lives have changed in such a short amount of time.

But I am craving time. Whoever says that "wearing baby" still lets you get everything done is wrong. I feel very behind. Marlee and I spent a good couple of hours on Saturday cleaning up her room and purging a great deal of clothes (Note - Drew was home and Kristy was visiting - good entertainer!). We managed to get 5 baskets together. We brought them downstairs for some friends to go through. Since they went through them on Saturday evening, they are STILL sitting on the pool table. I need some boxes which I haven't had a chance to go get.

But this will change - and I will be wishing for these days to come back again. But for now, I too have to wonder am I in a funk and how long will it last? I too hope that some organizing - no let's just make it CLEANING will work. And that will come tomorrow. I can't wait!

PS - we did end on a higher note. The kids' school had a movie night showing Bedtime Stories. We had a great time!

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