Monday, June 28, 2010

Memory Monday - lunches with dad

I'm using Mondays as a time to jot down those little memories of my childhood or past that crop up here and there...(and are sometimes prompted by other bloggers too)

I took my father out for lunch today (along with Mitchell and Cierra since they were home and had to come with me). This was part of his Father's Day gift as well as one of my intentions for my Gotta Do list. He chose A&W. We had a great chat - primarily about his counselling work these days and a bit about the parenting books I've been reading and life in general. It was reminiscent of the days when he rotated taking my brother, sister, mom and I out for lunches back in elementary and highschool. He would pick us up on a rotating basis from school and we'd go to the restaurant of our choice - with just him. It petered out sometime in highschool (we think) and have obviously been long out of practice. I think it would be a good idea to do it more frequently. How quickly time gets away from us!

I'd like to do this with our kids too. I originally thought of their birthdays but both Marlee and Matthew celebrate when school is out. Knowing me, I have to come up with an alternate date to remember for each of them and put it on the calendar. They don't get that long of a nutritional break so I don't think we can do it on a monthly basis. I'm thinking maybe a "6 month unbirthday"? That would make it February 26th for Marlee and June 22nd for Matt. Seeing how I just missed it for Matt and now school is over, we'll mark it on the calendar for next year!

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