Friday, October 8, 2010

10 things...

I love about you:
  • i love how you "mumble" while you nurse
  • i love how squishy your bum and upper thighs feel when i squeeze you while you nurse
  • i love how you "melt" when anyone touches that spot at the back of your neck
  • i love how you are working on your push-ups these days
  • i love how you laugh when your siblings entertain you
  • i love that you *seem* to be getting this sleeping on my own for naps time thing
  • i love how happy you are all the time
  • i love how everyone thinks you are so cute and happy and wants to squeeze your cheeks
  • i love your chubb lines at your ankles and wrists
  • i love that i get to enjoy you all to myself these days

i want to remember these little things that are so big!

i love you buddy!

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