Monday, October 4, 2010

A new LOAD challenge and LSNED rap-up.

Yes, you read it correctly. I have begun a new LOAD challenge and as of day 4 I am going strong. I have a number of "kits" ready to go and look forward to getting some of our memories down on paper. Lain Ehman has started a new website called scraphappy that has a little bit of everything when it comes to scrapbooking - sketches, news, videos, how-tos, challenges and (when you pay the monthly fee which was on for a deal), "free" access to three LOAD challenges for the year. So while the last one didn't go so well (12/31), I'm hoping to do just as well if not better this time around. Mitchell has a bit more of a routine, the kids are in school, what could be the problem? Regardless, I'm sure to get something done and it is more of an incentive to get some scrapbooking done then I seem to do in between challenges.

This time around I am hoping to involve Marlee a little more. she has been showing an interest in scrapping so when I am doing my thing, she is starting to work on some creative things as well. Yesterday she did some painting and the day before some scrapping. I just have to get organized and get some pictures laid out for her to use. We can always use some mother-daughter time - especially these days when I have been so consumed with Mitchell.

As for LSNED rap-up, in case it wasn't noticed, there was a bit of a theme to my posts this last month. I was reminded daily of all the different ways and things that we can learn from and encouraged to be "creative" about how it affects my life. It was all through the class Learn Something New Every Day. There was a theme to my learning this month. It seems to have centered around Mitchell – as much of our lives do these days. I guess that was to be expected Again, this year I am very thankful to have been reminded of all the learning that goes on on a regular basis. We are always learning. Relearning things. Learning from people, from places, from things, from nature and from ourselves. Learning new things. I think what I have learned most from this experience is how quickly we dismiss the importance of keeping learning fresh. We so easily say, "Oh yeah we learn something new everyday" but don’t really focus on what that learning actually is. I like that this let me do that. I did appreciate this experience. As far as creatively speaking, I knew how much I could expect of myself and I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to keep up by blogging about it each day. To go one step further, I made a promise to myself to do one extra step to up the "creativity" with this project. **Hopefully** we'll see this result during the month of LOAD. Off we go!

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