Friday, March 6, 2009

I was THAT mom this morning

Yep - I was THAT mom this morning on the way to school. The mom that's yelling at her kid the whole way. It was brutal. We started off on a good note. We were leaving on time - with time to spare even. And then there is the stick. We have had this stick hanging around for a few weeks now - really no big deal. The kids like to poke the snow with it. But today Matt was being aggressive with it and of course Marlee was being oversensitive and the slightest word offends her. So we deal with it. We decide to take the wagon but as the kids pile in with the bags, they are already wet and getting the bags all wet so I decide we can all walk. Marlee needs to adjust her boot though so she stays on. Woah! Huge injustice and it excalates from there. Life just isn't fair, Matt NEVER gets to ride, how come Marlee does yada yada yada. Well reasoning didn't work; pointing out others that are younger and always walk didn't work, pointing out that he often rides in the stroller or wagon didn't work, being silent didn't work (he kicked at the wagon, pulled at my arm) so I fell for it - first of all he's not getting in now with that attitude, then I started removing priveledges and then the yelling. At least I'm pretty sure it was yelling. I look back now and just want to crawl into a hole. The poor guy - I don't know what was up but I didn't hanbdle it well at all. I hate it when I am that mom. That being said - I am at a loss right now - I'm home more - I'm with him more but his aggression this week has been awful. I'm just not sure what to do with it. AHHH!! But hey - I resolve to apologize after school (to him and the other kids) and yes, he will have to have some alone time but we will also have some quiet time together. And some prayer. C and I will take in some puzzle work and chill. I just don't know somedays...

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