Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day!

We don't really know a whole lot about St Patrick or why we celebrate here but for us it's all about celebrating green and doing things a little differently for a day. We did the typical decorating - some shamrocks on the door arches and a wreath, green table cloth, dishes and food of course. Matthew refused to wear green (considering he will only wear 3 pairs of his pants that wasn't a big surprise), Marlee looked quite sweet - especially adding the multi-coloured tights. We did have Lucky Charms and green grapes for breakfast, green pancakes and peas for lunch. Not quite the same to do a green dinner for only Drew, Cierra and I. Oh well - it was fun while it lasted! The kids have now gone to Ya-Ya's for a sleepover and Cierra is already in her pj's so it is just Drew and I for the yearly photo. It only took three takes to get rid of the double chins!

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  1. FYI. St. Patrick took Christianity to the Irish. He used the shamrock to explain the trinity.