Saturday, July 3, 2010


Clark and his girlfriend Alissa entertained our family for the afternoon. He took us all out on his boat for the afternoon around the bay and then they prepared dinner for us afterwards.
Yes - he and his girlfriend are quite brave to suffer with all of us in such close quarters. We actually had a lovely time other then the constant barrage of questions wondering when we were going to stop so they (the kids) could swim. We adults preferred to take our time and look at all of the amazing cottages and homes along the waterfront that we will never be able to afford. They were entertained by their bottomless stomachs - thank goodness we had quite a few snacks on board.

We did stop close to our end of town and Drew, Marlee and Matthew went in for a rather quick dip (it was 16 degrees - Yikes!) I ahhh had to look after Mitchell!

Speaking of Mitchell - he did well with his first boat ride and first time wearing a life preserver.
Much better then his brother did (August 2003 - 8 months old)

Thanks Clark for a great time!

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