Monday, July 19, 2010

Day Camp begins

We had a successful first day at day camp. The kids had a blast on site for the morning (the worship songs are amazing this year - they usually are but we REALLY like them this year it seems)

and then off site visiting a local farm in the afternoon.

We are following Group's High Seas Adventure Programing but we have adapted it to our style. This means that we have an onsite program in the morning with worship, games, scripture, bible story, crafts, and snack. In the afternoons we head off site to various local excursions.

I am the photographer for the group and then have to put together a small slide show to show in the mornings. Other than that I have had a big reduction in involvement with the running of it. (Last year I was Co-Camp Director) What a change!

We aimed to get there early today (and we did), but we didn't have to rush to be there as a staff, and it was nice! Don't get me wrong - I love being involved but this certainly has its advantages, and besides - they are doing a great job without me. Loving it!

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