Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Plans

Our summer is officially under way. We have set up our binders, we have Summer goals listed and BINGO plans are under way. It is going to be a full summer.

Summer for me is busier because the kids are home. And more kids at that (1-4 extra daily). I don't have my usual 2 free days from which to choose what to do. Alone (or rather with Mitchell - but sort of alone). I am going to miss my freedom. But I will also enjoy having the kids at home.

I think that these things are going to help:

Summer binders - these will keep us organized and hopefully remind us of all that we can do this summer and keep boredom from settling in. They are laid out as follows:

1: Kidding Around title page

2: BINGO rules

3: BINGO Rewards

4: Journaling books - the goal is to have the kids write 1-2 sentences each day on a variety of topics

5: Reading log - listing the books read over the summer (one BINGO ticket is given for every 10 books read)

6: Exercise papers (aka summer homework) note: we are trying to use up all of those old workbooks that are half full - you know what ones I mean???

and finally - blank page protectors for scrapbooking pages to be done. (and btw - the "dolls" they are holding are their "pals" - more info to come - part of "Kidding Around" below)

We are following a combination of ideas from Stacy Julian (Big Picture Scrapbooking) and Tami Morrison (Big Picture Scrapbooking's Kidding Around).
Kidding Around - this workshop is sending weekly emails encouraging us moms and kids to do some fun activities this summer and also to get us all to do a little scrapbooking along the way. If I can get the kids involved in this fun hobby then I'm all for it.
Some of our summer goals include:

Picnic at local Park
Summer BINGO
Cierra – Visit Mom
Summer Camp
Bus Ride
Water Fountains
Library Readoppoly
Nearby Beach
Pond/ River at Senior's Village
Visit a New Park
Orillia Park
Berry picking
Sleep in tent outside
Park near school
Shopping at the mall
Make a secret hideout
Sleep in the bunky at the farm
Scrapbook our summer
Friend’s Cottage
Waterfront Park - with round swings
Purple and Green Dinosaur Point Park
Mini Golf

When I am finished with the BINGO cards I'll elaborate further, otherwise you can see last years info here. We are adapting some of it - changing rewards, changing goals etc.

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