Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's a small world

I had to laugh again today.

I was reading one of my favourite bloggers (who I've mentioned before) and as has happened before, her post today on summer organizing was so similar to our life! "Weird - I just did that too!"

Just today I too got out all of our infant toys, and sorted, purged and sanitized them.

I then hung the fabric ones out to freshen up on the line.

And put one to use.

It felt so good to get this done as I'd been thinking about it for the last few weeks. Mitchell has started to grab at things and in particular likes mirrors so there are a few things here which I'm sure he'll really like. It may also help the kids entertain him in the car when I have to drive.

Ah the memories - I can't believe we have hung on to these for 5 years - not knowing that we would have another child.
Strange too, that someone across the country is similar in so many ways. It's a small world.
BTW - I have to remember sometimes to get back to previous posts - I hope my "funk" post didn't sound too negative. Drew was a little ~ concerned? No, not really, but I certainly didn't mean to give that impression. Life IS good! Different now but GOOD!

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