Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dream a little dream....

I love seeing him like this...

And can I say that he has been making my nights amazing???

Well once I go to bed that is. He is still tending to be up for most of the evening but once we all go to bed he has been doing so well. On Tuesday night he slept 7.5 hours! Most nights it is still somewhere between 4 and 5 at a time but we are also experiencing a lot of EC success. Today we had two poop misses - I was distracted after with guests and didn't think about having just fed him. Yesterday though I caught all of them! He has also had 2 dry nights (me being able to catch him before he goes upon each stirring). The times that we have missed he is just lightly damp which is great. I love this success however it does mean getting up and down a lot. With the side bar now on our bed and Marlee still getting in some nights I have felt a little claustrophobic - even though it is a king! I have found myself sleeping along the bottom of the bed in the early hours. Still, I am happy that he (we) are doing so well in this department. If it all leads to being diaper free earlier then the other two I am ALL for it!

Today he was in the swing, he was fussing, I checked his diaper, he was dry, took him to pee and he went. It is really cool to see him communicating with me this way! So however it works, we will take our sleep as we can and be happy! I know I am!

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